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"From Altruism to Ultimate Awakening" Talk and Book-signing

"From Altruism to Ultimate Awakening" Talk and Book-signing

17 Feb 2019

3pm - 4.30pm

Jing Si Hall, Level 3

Organiser Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Language Mandarin

Fee Free

Category Humanistic Culture

"From Altruism to Ultimate Awakening" Talk and Book-signing

“Altruism is necessary on the path to Enlightenment. It is not to be practised only after attaining Enlightenment.” 

Let us explore with Professor Her Rey-Sheng the Buddhist philosophy on altruism and its influence in the world, and learn how we can enter the path to Ultimate Awakening through everyday kindness.

Reading Prof Her’s book “From Altruism to Ultimate Awakening” beforehand will allow you to benefit more from the talk. The book is available at Jing Si Book Hut or Jing Si Books & Cafe at a discounted price of $27. The original price of $33 will resume after the talk.

About the Speaker -- Doctor Her Rey-Sheng

Dr. Her is an Associate Professor of the Institute of Religion and Culture at College of Humanity and Social Science, Tzu Chi University; and the Spokesman and Director of Humanity Development of the Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan

Dr. Her has delivered speeches on Buddhism and NGO Management at Harvard University, Oxford University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, and the University of Hong Kong, and many international symposiums. 

Dr. Her devoted himself to the religious dialogues between Catholicism and Buddhism. He was invited to speak at Vatican Urbaniana University and Pontifical Colloquiums to promote interreligious dialogues.

As a veteran media professional, he was a senior news anchor and TV program producer. The documentary he produced “The Great Love as a Running Water: Testimony to the Development of Bone Marrow Transplantation”, was selected as the best documentary in the regions of Asia and Africa of the 32nd Emmy Award International.