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Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary cum Buddha Day Celebration

Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary cum Buddha Day Celebration

12 May 2019

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Organiser Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Category Annual Events

Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary cum Buddha Day Celebration

On every second Sunday in the month of May, Tzu Chi volunteers will come together to celebrate the 3-in-1 occasion of “Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day”. The event allows us to express our gratitude to the Buddha, our parents and all living beings, and to gather our kind thoughts and prayers for world peace.

“Bathing the Buddha” signifies the purification of our hearts. The Buddha-bathing ceremony depicts the beauty of the Buddhist faith and culture, and inspires kindness within us as we take the Dharma into our hearts. As we pay respect to all the Buddhas with a sincere and pious heart, and cleanse our hearts and minds from impurities with the help of the Dharma, we can return to our pure, innate nature like that of the Buddha.

We warmly welcome members of the public of various religious faiths to join our Buddha Day Celebration to pray for Singapore and the world.

In this year’s Buddha Day Celebration, we will be presenting a few group formations that symbolise Tzu Chi’s 53 years of global presence, with the hope that more people will join us in bringing comfort and relief to the suffering and living out the Buddha’s teachings in our daily lives.

The group formations will be made up of 2,400 volunteers practising walking meditation. We hope that our collective sincere piety will resonate positive vibes that will help to foster peace and harmony in our society.

We cordially invite you to take part in a group formation, and bring along your friends and family to witness and participate in the Buddha-bathing ceremony.

*The registration for the group formation and shuttle bus service has ended on 5th May 2019.

Register to participate in a group formation Register to attend without participating in a group formation

You are also encouraged to bring along your Bamboo Coin Bank on the event day. 

Let us transform our kindness into action and support Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)’s charitable programmes!

For further inquiries, please contact: (65) 6386 2023