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Celebrating Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day

Gratitude to the Buddha, our parents, and all living beings

More than 2,500 years ago, there once lived a great teacher, Sakyamuni Buddha, who came to this world for one great cause. After attaining enlightenment under a Bodhi tree, he expounded the Dharma to living beings across both sides of the Ganges for 49 years.

Through his life, the Buddha demonstrated to us how he realised the Truth of the universe, and guided deluded living beings to the path of enlightenment.


The word “Buddha” means “the Enlightened One”, whom the founder of Tzu Chi, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, respectfully addresses as “The Great Enlightened One of the Universe”

Let's watch this video and learn why the Buddha came to this world:

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Bathing the Buddha — Cleansing our Hearts and Minds

According to the Buddha, there are Five Turbidities in this world. They are “Life Turbidity” (diminishing lifespan), “View Turbidity” (incorrect views), “Living Being Turbidity” (human misery), “Affliction Turbidity” (mental afflictions), and the “Era of Turbidity” (impurity of the times).

Through the act of bathing the Buddha, we are actually cleansing our hearts and minds. There is no need for us to “bathe” the Buddha as he is already pure and enlightened; it is sentient beings like us who need to be purified. In celebrating Buddha Day, we not only commemorate the Buddha’s spreading of the Dharma, but also remind ourselves to return to our pure, innate Buddha nature.


Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary cum Buddha Day Celebration

Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide celebrate the three-in-one occasion of “Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day” on every second Sunday in May by holding a Buddha Bathing Ceremony and activities that promote the practice of filial piety. The event not only serves to praise the truth, beauty and goodness of the Dharma, but also allows participants to show their gratitude and appreciation to their parents and all living beings. We hope that the Buddha Bathing Ceremony will inspire kindness in people and remind everyone to count their blessings, do good deeds to benefit our fellow human beings, and work for the good of all living beings.

We cordially invite you to join us in the Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary cum Buddha Day Celebration to sincerely pray for the liberation of all living beings from impurities and for everyone to return to our pure, innate nature replete with the blessings, wisdom and virtue of the Buddha.

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Keeping the Dharma Alive in this World


Pay Respect to the Buddha
Repent for our past wrongs and return to purity


Receive the Fragrant Flower
Take in the fragrance of the Dharma with a sincere heart


Blessings & Well-wishes
Vow to cultivate a heart of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity


Put the Palms Together
Return to our pure and focused mind


Praise the Buddha
Pay respect to all the Buddhas with sincere piety


Walking Meditation
Practise the Dharma in daily life


Revisit the humanistic beauty of the Buddhist faith

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Bathing the Buddha in a Blessed Shower of Dharma Dew”!
Unperturbed by the rain, nearly 5,000 people gathered together and piously prayed for world peace during Tzu Chs Buddha Bathing ceremony held at the Bedok Stadium, with the blessings of religious leaders from nine faiths.

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Bringing the Buddha’s Blessings to Aid Recipients at their Home
A number of mini Buddha Bathing ceremonies were held by Tzu Chi volunteers in the Central and North zones, to allow physically challenged aid recipients to partake in the joyous ritual in the comfort of their own home.


Mini Buddha Bathing Ceremony at Tzu Chi Free Clinic
A mini Buddha Bathing ceremony was held at the Tzu Chi Free Clinic, for physically challenged aid beneficiaries. The event included a foot bathing and tea serving ceremony, where children showed their gratitude and love for their parents.


Welcoming the Dawn of Buddha Day with Sincere piety
Riding on the momentum from last year’s Buddha Day event, Tzu Chi Merit Organization moved the ritual of Buddha Bathing from indoors to outdoors. Some 3,000 pious devotees gathered under the bright blue sky to take part in this meaningful ritual of thanksgiving for the Buddha’s compassion and virtues, and to pray for a world free of disasters.


Depths of Unspoken Love in a Cup of Tea
Kneeling before a senior family member to serve tea is a traditional Chinese etiquette. The act of serving tea is a touching expression of love and respect for our loved ones, and this long-lost culture was brought back to life during the joyous occasion of the “triple celebration” held in Tzu Chi.


A Heart at Peace is a Life in Peace
Tzu Chi volunteers helped a man journey from denial into brave acceptance of a leg amputation. In May this year, volunteers visited his home to conduct a blessed Buddha Bathing ceremony, as a show of encouragement and support for his struggles.