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Thank you for supporting our COVID-19 relief work

The worldwide battle against the new coronavirus has been ongoing for months with no end at sight. After prolonged lockdown and implementation of strict preventive measures, countries are now adjusting to live with new norm.

Thanks to the trust and support from the local community, we had been able to immediately identify and reach out to the vulnerable groups when the virus first reached Singapore. Together, we have jointly weaved a “safety net” to help the needy as well as to inspire greater positive energy in the Lion City.

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The outbreak of COVID-19 is a great lesson to us by nature. Let’s slow down our pace and ponder about the message being conveyed by this crisis. Master Cheng Yen has called this pandemic a great chance for learning and she appealed to all to pray piously, adopt a vegetarian diet, have respect for life and curb one’s desire. By taking care of mother nature and all living beings that are sharing this earth with us, we are securing a sustainable future for everyone.

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How we manage the outbreak of COVID-19

The first local COVID-19 case was confirmed on 23 January 2020, and that marked the beginning of our battle against the pandemic. Tzu Chi’s pandemic relief programmes followed suit soon after and has since served the local vulnerable groups in an ongoing effort. Here is a timeline of how Tzu Chi Singapore manages COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak.

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Vulnerable groups such as low-income families, front line workers, dormitory workers and patients with mild symptoms are affected to a varying degree in this pandemic. Therefore, “calming the mind” is an important principle in all our pandemic relief programmes. Read our news articles to learn more about the stories behind our pandemic relief effort.

Together, We Give

An original composition by 25 young volunteers who wrote the lyrics, composed the melody, arranged the music, rendered the song and performed it with sign language over 3 months of planning and preparation from home. This song is not only dedicated to the selfless frontline medical workers who are working hard to safeguard the lives of many, it is also hoped that the song would give everyone the strength and courage to carry on in this battle against the pandemic.

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Moral support for SMEs during COVID-19

To boost the confidence and morale of SME business owners, members of Tzu Chi Singapore Entrepreneur Association had invited experts, scholars and well-known entrepreneurs during Circuit Breaker to expound on topics related to Singapore’s policies in tackling the pandemic, discuss the socio-economic impact of the crisis and also sharing personal experiences.

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Progress Report of pandemic relief actions taken by Tzu Chi around the globe

Tzu Chi volunteers from around the world have taken precautionary measures against the pandemic and launched a series of relief programmes to support vulnerable groups. The progress reports are published on the official English website of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Click on the following links to read the original texts to learn more about Tzu Chi’s relief effort amid the pandemic.

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