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Duration | 1:59

Category | Charity

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

An Introductory Course on Conducting Home Visits

After holding simulated home visits at the Year End Blessing Ceremony’s exhibition earlier in the year, Tzu Chi Singapore organised an introductory course on conducting home visits to the needy for the first time for new volunteers without a Tzu Chi uniform. The course introduced Tzu Chi’s philosophy of charity and the protocols of home visits. Participants were also invited to join the charity activity, which will inspire them to “count their blessings after witnessing suffering”. 

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If it touched your heart, turn your love into action.

Tzu Chi volunteer:We personally deliver the aid to the needy.

Tzu Chi volunteers held an introductory course on conducting home visits to the needy for those who are interested in joining the activity. The participants were able to learn and understand Tzu Chi’s philosophy of charity.

Tzu Chi volunteer:We hope to guide everyone to do charity.

Tzu Chi volunteer:You don’t have to suppress your feelings.

Course attendee Annie Tay, who came to Tzu Chi’s Jing Si Hall for the first time, has gained a better understanding on how to go about doing charity work.

New home visit volunteer:Annie Tay Yong Hui

We cannot accept the food or drinks given by an aid beneficiary. Previously, I couldn’t understand why we can’t do that. Then I heard a senior volunteer say that it might unwittingly cause them inconvenience. So I realised that I should deal with that with a more sensitive and empathetic mindset.   

Tzu Chi volunteer:There are four parts. The first one is the home visit report.

More than 60 new home visit volunteers attended the course on this day. Among them was Annie Tay, who was deeply touched when she saw the volunteers’ kind and loving interactions with the aid beneficiaries.

New home visit volunteer:Annie Tay Yong Hui

The volunteers helped bathe the aid recipients and also gave them haircuts. I could feel that the beneficiaries were very happy. They seemed happier than when they received money or aid supplies from us.

Tzu Chi volunteer:His wife is an Indonesian

Besides Annie Tay, Chin Yee Kiong was another first-time participant. He used to complain how hard his work was, but changed his perspective after joining the home visits.

New home visit volunteer Chin Yee Kiong:I find that it’s really good to join the home visits as I can see many things and learn that there are many people who live harder lives than me.

As they personally care for the needy, the volunteers gained deep experiences. Charity is the cornerstone of Tzu Chi. When more people devote themselves to the work, more dark corners will be lit.


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