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Duration | 2:27

Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Book Study Opens New Horizons

A team of seasoned Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan came to Singapore in September to share their valuable life experiences at the volunteers’ retreat held at Tzu Chi Singapore’s Jing Si Hall. They also gave a talk at the organization’s Eco-Awareness Centre, to a group of local entrepreneurs and corporate managerial personnel, captivating them with real-life anecdotes and tips on inspiring kindness in others.

Mr. Fang, the owner of a bakery chain in Taiwan and a Tzu Chi volunteer, shares how he inspires kindness in his employees at a talk he gives at Tzu Chi Singapore’s Eco-Awareness Centre. They know that I’m doing it for charity, so they’re very willing to work overtime. It’s an opportunity for the baking staff to work for a good cause.

Audience member Kingsley Sok: "He incorporates charity into his business. Besides making money, he can help the poor, too. He’s truly admirable; I want to learn from him."

"(One day), my husband called me and said that he saw a mosquito. I told him I must catch it, because I couldn’t bear to see him being bitten by it. He was so happy when he heard that!" Maintaining harmony in relationships requires a lot of work and commitment. In her talk, seasoned Tzu Chi volunteer from Taiwan Ji Jing Yang shared anecdotes from her life and tips for a healthy marital relationship.

Audience member Jim Lim: “No one is right or wrong in a relationship. No one is right or wrong in a relationship. We must cast aside our ego and not expect others to change. We must start changing ourselves first, then we can become a better person.”

I asked Master Cheng Yen what kind of life is the happiest. She replied, “One with a healthy body and mind.”

The speakers’ humor and words of wisdom cheered up Ann Chin Koon, who was depressed after losing his office building in a fire. He also found solace and hope after hearing the inspiring talks. Audience member Ann Chin Koon: "We can change our mindset. After hearing what they shared, I can apply it in my life. I feel much better now. Although I lost a lot in the fire, I’ve gained much more today. Just now, the speaker said that the happiest life is one with a healthy body and mind."

The short, two-hour talk captivated the audience of 260, who learned that by transforming the mind, one will be able to attain happiness in life.

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