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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 April Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1.    Tzu Chi Singapore Honorary Board Members Appreciation Ceremony
2.    15th Healthcare Humanity Awards Ceremony
3.    Journeying with the Family of Iceland Accident Victim
4.    Mini Buddha Bathing Ceremony for Sister Yip Ah Sin

At Tzu Chi Singapore’s first Honorary Board Members Appreciation Ceremony, a group of senior Tzu Chi volunteers stepped slowly into the Buddha Hall to serve hot tea to the honorary board members and their family members. Besides wealthy entrepreneurs, there were also Tzu Chi volunteers who became honorary board members through donating their accumulated savings. Siow Chiew Duan, who had just received her Board Member Certificate, suffered a minor stroke 2 years ago. The incident made her realise the impermanence of life, and she vowed to spend more time volunteering with Tzu Chi.

Hon. Board Member, Siow Chiew Duan:  We should not feel satisfied with just being an honorary board member. We should still do what we can to help others whenever a need arises. Master Cheng Yen says that when something needs to be done, we should just do it.

The 15th Healthcare Humanity Awards (HHA) recognise the exemplary contributions of Singapore’s healthcare professionals and volunteers. During the awards ceremony, current and former recipients of the HHA gathered together to share their experiences and encourage each other. Dr Edwin Lim, who has dedicated 15 years of his life to Tzu Chi’s Mission of Medicine, received the HHA for his selfless contributions.

Tzu Chi’s Medical Consultant, Dr Edwin Lim :TIMA does not only treat the illnesses of the patients. We must also find a way to heal the whole patient. Having served in Tzu Chi for so long, I’ve noticed that the most significant change in me is that I’ve learned to understand patients’ illnesses from their perspective and the right way to treat them. 

Mother of Joshua:I have chosen a sea burial for him, because he loved freedom. We will just keep him in our hearts and let his soul soar freely. 

Joshua Tan, a young medical graduate who was scheduled to serve his housemanship next month, lost his life in a car accident during a post-graduation holiday trip to Iceland. 

Joshua’s maternal aunt, a Tzu Chi volunteer in Malaysia, accompanied his mother to Iceland. She also contacted a Tzu Chi volunteer in UK to assist with the communications and documentation work. When Joshua’s mother arrived at Changi Airport, carrying her son’s ashes, Tzu Chi volunteers had already made all the funeral arrangements, allowing Joshua’s family to “accompany” him for the last time with a peace of mind.

Tzu Chi volunteer Liew Chek Yin:We were aware that they did not have a lot of time after coming back to Singapore. The wake was to be held at the funeral parlour on that night itself. We made all the necessary funeral arrangements for the family, to save the mother the trouble after she returned to Singapore.

Deputy CEO of Tzu Chi Singapore, Susi Zhao:We received the Dharma name for Sister Ah Sin from Master Cheng Yen yesterday. Your Dharma name is Ming Yuan. Ming means the ability to see one’s Buddha nature with a clear mind; Yuan means karmic conditions. From now on, you are “Sister Ming Yuan”. You are now a disciple of Master Cheng Yen just like all of us.  

With her family and Tzu Chi volunteers as witnesses, Tzu Chi volunteer Yip Ah Sin took refuge in the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). 

Tzu Chi volunteer Yip Ah Sin :I’m very happy. (Is your wish fulfilled?)

Yes, I’ve received my Dharma name and taken refuge. I have always wanted to take refuge in the Triple Gem under Master Cheng Yen. I will follow the footsteps of Master in every lifetime to come.  

One year ago, Yip started having irregular shortness of breath . She was diagnosed with the rare thymus cancer, and the cancer cells have spread to her heart this year. Therefore, a chemotherapy treatment is impossible. In the face of a deadly illness, Yip is still very concerned about Tzu Chi’s work.

Yip Ah Sin’s son, Kelvin Ser :All her hair dropped off after she had chemotherapy previously. She said she had nothing to do at home and asked us if she could go to Tzu Chi to help out and join their charity home visits. So we let her go anywhere she wanted. 

It is highly unlikely for Yip to take part in the Buddha Day Celebration in May due to health reason. Therefore, Tzu Chi volunteers specially organised a mini Bathing Buddha ceremony for her at Dover Park Hospice, to give her their blessings and well wishes.

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