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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 June Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1. Volunteers Spruce Up Meriam’s Home during Ramadhan 2. A Hari Raya Celebration that Transcends Race and Religion 3. A Sports Meet Unlike Any Other 4. Launching of Great Love PreSchool’s “Fruit & Vegetable Planet”
5. Opening Ceremony of Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Tzu Chi aid recipient Meriam Bee Bte Manzoor I haven’t cleaned up this house for a long time, as I can’t do it myself. As an asthmatic patient, Meriam is unable to maintain the cleanliness of her house. Thus, Tzu Chi volunteers gave her a helping hand by cleaning up and repainting her house, allowing her to celebrate Hari Raya in a clean and fresh environment. It happened to be the month of Ramadhan, when Muslims fast during the day. But this did not deter Siti to join her colleague in the cleanup efforts.

Tzu Chi aid recipient Meriam Bee Bte Manzoor:
I’m really happy today, because Tzu Chi volunteers came to help me clean up my house. Now, my house looks really beautiful.

Tzu Chi’s Muslim aid beneficiaries and volunteers sing and dance happily during the second Hari Raya celebration organised by the Foundation. Many volunteers dressed up in Malay costumes to share the festive joy with 133 beneficiaries and their family members.

Volunteer Liw See Kew :
We are wearing this because it’s a Hari Raya celebration. We want them to know that we are like a family. In doing so, we are able to draw closer to each other.

The Jing Si Aphorism booklets on the tables contain Malay translations, the language they are familiar with. 
Volunteer Chan Bee Lian: 
All the aid recipients present today are Malays. The elderly may be more familiar with the Malay language, so we thought of requesting for these bilingual booklets from Tzu Chi Indonesia beforehand.

These adults and children are setting up tents and shifting tables to prepare for a sports meet. This is the first sports meet jointly organised by Tzu Chi’s Parent-Child Bonding Class and Teenagers’ Class. Instead of events like races, high jump, long jump etc., it is a Tzu Chi relief mission simulation, where participants are required to go through several obstacles before they can deliver relief supplies to “disaster victims”.
Parent Chai Buay Ching: 
I learned how it is like to be part of a Tzu Chi relief mission. For example, we need to set up tents and distribute relief supplies. The toughest part is transporting the supplies to the disaster zone. I can feel how difficult it is for the people in an actual disaster zone 
Parent Pang Se Wui:
This event allows them (children) to understand what team spirit is. It requires the effort of everyone to complete a mission.

It can’t be done alone. What is your name? Are you eating a vegetarian diet? Congratulations, you may travel to the Fruit & Vegetable Planet. After being renovated for 1.5 years, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery reopened in early June. In order to celebrate the reopening of the gallery, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources held a green carnival at the Marina Barrage, where Tzu Chi was one of the invited groups. Tzu Chi volunteers set up a booth at the venue to promote various ways to incorporate environmental practices into daily life. The little ones from Great Love PreSchool performed a song to appeal to the public to do recycling and leave a clean environment for children.

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