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Duration | 3:06

Category | People

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Undeterred by pain, she volunteers more to help those in need

Six years ago, I got shingles out of the blue. The shingles rash stretched from the back of my shoulder to the front here, and it even affected the nerves on my face and my eyes, too. This side of my face even became slightly lopsided. When the pain became unbearable, and the doctor discovered that ordinary painkillers were of no help, he gave me morphine injections.

When I put on the medicated plasters which I brought back from the hospital, my skin felt as though it was on fire, and it became festered later. So, I stopped using the plasters. I almost broke down because it seemed that there was no way to treat the disease, and I felt as if I was going to die.

Whenever I felt that I had no more strength to carry on, Master Cheng Yen’s figure would suddenly appear in my mind. I saw how frail the Master was, but she was very strong in will and spirit. I was really touched by her indomitable spirit, and I wanted to learn from her, so that I could persevere on.

When I was discharged from the hospital and still in pain, I was due to collect donations from Tzu Chi’s regular donors. I had to do that every month. So I bore with the pain in my body as I dragged myself out of the house. But I was still determined to collect the donations despite my condition. We must collect (the donations) since the donors are so sincere in giving.

I did not want my physical condition to affect their willingness to give. Life is really impermanent. As long as we are physically fit, we should be able to contribute our efforts. I really hope to repay my parents for bringing me up by doing good deeds.

Life is truly impermanent. You never know when an illness will strike you. I’m blessed to be able to gain some enlightenment in this life, so I just wish to seize the time I have now to do good. I feel that there is no need to plan too far ahead; I just want to quickly seize the opportunity to do good when it arises.

When we dedicate every moment of our life to serving people and the society, every day will be filled with hope. ~ Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorism

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