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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 July Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1. Quarterly Blood Donation Drive
2. Free Clinic in Sri Lanka
3. Terminal Patient’s Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot
4. Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month Prayer Ceremony

Mr. Kaw bashfully shared his wish. Having donated blood 85 times, 59-year-old Kaw is still determined to save lives through blood donation.

Tzu Chi Singapore started holding blood donation drives periodically after the SARS outbreak in 2003. Liu Xiang Long is a regular blood donor who often brought his son along when he donated blood. His son has turned 18 and is now a blood donor like him.

Blood Donor Liu Xiang Long:I try to donate blood as often as I can.

Blood Donor Clement Low: just thought that it is a really good thing if my blood could be used to save someone who needs it.

This is the 11th large-scale free clinic held by TIMA Singapore and TIMA Taiwan in Sri Lanka, serving mainly tea plantation workers and rubber tappers. The 3-day free clinic benefitted more than 4,000 locals.

60-year-old Premasiri had been afflicted with a skin disease for 20 years. He walked for an hour to reach the free clinic and felt relieved after receiving medicine and care from the volunteers.

Sri Lankan doctor Kuhan :This is the first time I am volunteering in a free clinic with foreigners. I asked them why they came and whether someone paid them to come. They said no, and they bought their own air tickets. It’s truly awesome that they are spending their own time and money to help Sri Lankans. We are thankful to them.

The doctors from three countries exchanged their knowledge and experiences, leaving positive impacts to the community in Sri Lanka.

This Golden Wedding Anniversary photo shoot is a gift from Tzu Chi’s Palliative Care team and photography team, to a terminal patient.

Terminal patient Chua Lye Hock:I feel really good today. This is very special, and I feel very happy about it.

Chua Lye Hock suffers from respiratory failure and has been under the care of Tzu Chi’s Home Palliative Care team for over a year. The empathy shown by the nurse has softened Chua’s temper, and she even became a close friend of the couple.

Chua Lye Hock’s wife Mook Hiam Huay:He is very happy when you guys come and visit him. Nancy (nurse) always helps me.
(How does she help you?)
She often speaks positive words to me.

Terminal Patient Chua Lye Hock:She has looked after me for more than a year. I’ll cry when I speak of her, because she has done so much for me.

Palliative Care Nurse Nancy Tan: I hope to accompany Mr. Chua in the final journey of his life. This is my mission as a palliative care nurse.

The seventh lunar month is widely known as the “Ghost Month”. But it is actually an auspicious month from the Buddhist perspective. Tzu Chi held 7 sessions of the Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month Prayer Ceremony to promote Right Faith, and they’re attended by about 2,000 attendees.

Attendee Li Yan: I broke free from my traditional mindset today. I used to think that we could not go out at night during the 7th lunar month, but now, not anymore. It’s actually an auspicious month. To be auspicious is to have a kind and loving heart.

Volunteers set up environmental booths onsite to urge people not to burn joss paper, and to encourage them to practise vegetarianism to protect life.

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