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Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Inviting All to Witness Tzu Chi’s 25-Year Journey of Great Love

Tzu Chi Singapore is about to usher in its 25th anniversary this September. Our volunteers and staff have been working together in the past 6 months to organise an exhibition and other related events at our Da Ai Gallery, with the hope of sharing the joy of this celebration with the public. 

staff of the Foundation Goh Leay Ying :
There is a lack of human touch if we just send emails (to our aid beneficiaries). So we are making follow-up phone calls to those who did not reply us.  

 Every invitation is a sincere gesture. As Tzu Chi Singapore marks its 25th anniversary this September, a one-month exhibition and other related events will be held at its Da Ai Gallery in Sembawang. After half a year of preparation, the volunteers are now ready to invite the public to view the highlights of Tzu Chi.

Tzu Chi Volunteer ( Chai Li Hong): 
We want to highlight what Tzu Chi in Singapore has gone through and accomplished over the past 25 years, and have created texts and exhibits to showcase them. We have also been continually updating the contents in our multimedia zone.

 In conjunction with Taiwan’s equivalent of National Geographic magazine, Rhythms Monthly’s 20th anniversary, a photo exhibition to celebrate the event will be held next to the Gallery. Hanging up all these 72 photos is a challenging feat for the volunteers.

Method 1: Black metal clip + string—The strings will discolour if it rains    

 Ok, let’s use a fishing line

Method 2: Black metal clip + fishing line—Too slippery   X

 Be careful not to damage the photos 

Method 3: String them with fishing line—Not strong enough   X

Method 4: Fishing line + cable tie—Successful!


 The 25th Anniversary Exhibition is now in the counting down phase, and volunteers are ready to present stories and images depicting the beauty and kindness of humanity.

(大爱新闻 新加坡慈济基金会综合报导)

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