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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 August Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1. Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month
2. Pre-school Education Teacher Training
3. Performance by Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology   
4. TIMA Dental Conference 2018

 This is the second year in which Tzu Chi Singapore held the Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month Prayer Ceremony in various districts in Singapore to promote Right Faith as well as vegetarianism and environmental conservation.

Attendee Li Yan:
I broke away from my traditional mindset today. I used to think that we couldn't go out at night during the 7th lunar month, but now, not anymore. It’s actually an auspicious month. To be auspicious is to have a kind and loving heart.

 I felt like I had distanced myself further away from my parents after growing up. I had never said a word of thanks to my parents before, so I’m grateful for the chance to do it here.

 Tzu Chi volunteers have included a filial piety segment in the prayer ceremony for children to express their love to their parents.

Attendee Wong Beu Choo:
I am very touched. I can’t hold back my tears.

Everybody, follow me
Nearly 100 preschool principals and teachers attended a preschool education teacher training class, where a group of staff from a Tzu Chi kindergarten in Taiwan shared with everyone how to integrate humanistic values into early childhood education.

Preschool teacher Zhang Long Shuang  :
The teacher gave a very precise and detailed description about the life and behaviour of children. What the kids learn now will be the foundation of their future, so I think it is necessary to spend more time (guiding them).

Preschool teacher   Zhan Yun Yun :
Teachers are the role models for children. Children will pick up the wrong habits if their teachers set the wrong examples. Teachers should be very careful in what they say or do, so that their students can learn good examples.  

 With a fun and interesting programme, the class allowed the participants to learn in joy. Such joy would continue in their respective preschools, accompanying the children as they grow.

The colourful stage setup and interesting performance captured the attention of the children. This was the 11th year that teachers and students from the Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology staged a performance in Singapore.

Head of Great Love PreSchool Tai Nyeok Moi :
This drama performance is very inspirational for the kids. Each musical and drama performance that they stage is infused with different moral values, and it inspires kindness in children.   

 There were two princesses in the story. The elder sister destroyed the fruits of the hard work of the younger sister, but the latter bore no grudge and instead let her servants help her elder sister. Such a message of magnanimity was spread to the audience. 

Audience Wang Jing Wen :
I like Princess Xiao Lu. (Why?) It’s because she helped her elder sister. We should not be selfish. If we are selfish, we will have nothing.

Dean of NUS’s Dental Faculty Prof. Patrick Finbarr Allen: 
The Tzu Chi International Medical Association held a dental conference at Orchard Hotel, and the event saw the participation of 480 dentists and dental assistants.  

 Tzu Chi Singapore’s CEO Low Swee Seh :
Tzu Chi has never organised such a dental conference before. Hopefully, it will inspire more dental health professionals to join our team.   

 Dr. Chien Sou-Hsin from Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital who has vast experience in overseas medical relief missions, shared about the humanistic culture of Tzu Chi.

 Superintendent of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital  

Dr. Chien Sou-Hsin:
Dentistry plays an important role in TIMA, not only locally, but overseas as well. We set up free clinics to serve needy residents overseas who need healthcare, which is often beyond reach in their environment. Such healthcare services are greatly needed by them.


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