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Duration | 2:00

Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Rhythms Monthly 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition

The year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Rhythms Monthly, Taiwan’s equivalent of the National Geographic magazine. A photo exhibition to celebrate the occasion was held at Da Ai Gallery, in conjunction with Tzu Chi Singapore’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition. The head of Rhythms Monthly’s photography team, Alberto Buzzola, and the deputy chief editor of the magazine, Chen Shi Hui, were present at the Gallery to share their valuable experiences of travelling around the world.

These photographs are carefully selected from the photo collection of Rhythms Monthly, a 20-year-old magazine that aims to provide in-depth reporting and heart-warming stories for readers.

Senior Guest Writter Xu Fu Gang:
 It is not easy for Rhythms Monthly to persist for 20 years. I am a writer and I also do some photography, so I know the difficulty involved in the work. It is truly not easy for Rhythms Monthly to maintain such a high standard for so long。

The year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Rhythms Monthly, which coincides with Tzu Chi Singapore’s 25th anniversary. Hence, two exhibitions to mark the occasions are held concurrently at the Da Ai Gallery throughout the month of September.


The photo exhibition is held outdoors, but visitors are not affected by the rainy weather. The deputy chief editor of Rhythms Monthly, Chen Shi Hui, and a veteran photographer of the magazine, Alberto Buzzola, are present to share their journalism experience.

Visitor Tan Siah Poe:
I came for the photo exhibition after hearing about it on the radio. I am interested in photography, so I came to take a look. He is quite experienced and has been to many countries. There are many perspectives on photography and many things to learn.  

Every photo and every word in the Rhythms Monthly magazine are the sincere and passionate efforts of the team, taking readers on a quest to explore the ecology and geography of Earth.  

(大爱新闻 新加坡 慈济基金会综合报导)

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