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Duration | 2:37

Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi’s Partners Visit the Da Ai Gallery

Tzu Chi Singapore's 25th Anniversary Exhibition is visited not only by members from the communities, but also by long-term partnering groups and institutions of the organisation, upon the invitation of its staff. On this day, the invited guests and Tzu Chi staff set aside their usual work and walk into the world of Tzu Chi together.

Those in charge of this group will be waiting downstairs. The docents and staff shall wait for the guests downstairs. After the visitors arrive, we will greet them warmly and introduce ourselves to them before they start the tour.  

This group of Tzu Chi staff listen attentively to the briefing to get ready to receive the partnering members of Tzu Chi. 

Beh Keng Hua, Main event coordinator: Our interactions with our partners had always been for the purpose of work and cooperation. Although they know that we are doing charity work, they don’t know about our Four Missions. We’re not only introducing Tzu Chi to them, but also getting to know them better as well as paving a path for future collaborations.   

This is the first time that Tzu Chi’s staff have invited partnering members of the organisation to participate in a Tzu Chi event. More than 20 charitable organisations and hospitals that have been referring cases to Tzu Chi have sent their representatives to Da Ai Gallery for a tour.


Constance Chan, Visitor: My impression of Tzu Chi was that the organisation was only doing charity within Taiwan. I didn’t know that it also provides aid to those in need globally. This is an eye opening visit for me.  

Wong Yuen Teng, Visitor: After visiting the exhibition, I realise that Tzu Chi emphasizes a lot on the holistic development of people. Tzu Chi looks beyond the need for medical care and food. It cares about people’s lives and character development, their plans for the future, and how they can do good for others.  

Jemin Chua Yong Xin, Visitor: The docent shared with us that we should treat the people we are helping like our own family. If they are elderly, we can see them as our grandparents. For those who are in the same age group as us, we regard them as our brothers and sisters. I am very touched by this message, and I will do that from now on. 

Goh Leay Ying, Assistant Social Service Manager: I feel that since everyone is doing work that benefits the needy, we all share the same goals and intentions. I think that being able to find time to experience what’s in the Gallery, and then return to our initial aspirations and remind each other of our calling, is something very precious.

Setting aside their usual jobs and differences in job titles, everyone helps and supports each other in spreading the spirit of love and kindness to more people.  

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