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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 October Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1.Deepavali Celebration
2.Tzu Chi Flag Day 2018
3.Collegiate Youth Camp
4.Tzu Chi Signs MOU with Ren Ci Hospital

Deepavali celebrates the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. It’s an important festival for the Hindus. Tzu Chi’s Indian aid recipients are invited to Jing Si Hall to celebrate the festival together with the volunteers.

Lian Bee Ngo
Tzu Chi volunteer:
We are holding this event to give our Indian aid recipients an opportunity to experience the joy of the festival in Jing Si Hall, because many of them might not have the chance to experience this at home.

The volunteers have also sought the help of their Indian friends to cook traditional Indian dishes and make Rangoli decorations to create a festive ambience.

Hello! Please help the needy!

Tzu Chi Singapore held its 4th annual Flag Day this year, with volunteers spread out in over 50 locations island-wide to raise funds for the needy.

Sim Hoe Huat
Tzu Chi volunteer:
There are many disasters in the world, so we hope to inspire kindness in everyone. With our combined contributions, we will have great strength to do more.

Ang Wei Dai
Tzu Chi volunteer:
I woke up at 4am this morning and told my daughter that I was going to do street fundraising today. (She asked if my legs could take it.) I said yes, but if I feel tired I will take a rest.

The humility and respect shown by the volunteers have caught the attention of the media. Their coverage of the volunteers’ efforts is a positive affirmation.

Child labours are children aged between 5 and 14, who have to work.

Deforestation will lead to carbon emissions, which affect the environment .

With a selfish attitude, people only care about their own convenience and disregard the situation of the world and environment.

The younger generation is also concerned about social issues. These 35 students from various tertiary institutions have gathered in Jing Si Hall for the 2018 Tzu Ching Camp, to learn to appreciate the people and things around them.

Students Alpha Lee:
I start to think about how to be grateful in everything I do.

Reminding yourself where you are right now is also because of the people who have helped you along the way. So we should never forget about it, and if it is possible, lend a helping hand to other people who are also in need. I think that’s how we can help people, and that is how the world can improve.

Tzu Ching seniors also shared about environmental issues and invited everyone to take action to protect the environment as a way of contributing to the society.

Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) started partnering with Ren Ci Hospital in 2014 to provide dental services for the residents. The selfless efforts of TIMA and Tzu Chi volunteers have been affirmed by the Hospital, and the two parties signed another MOU in 2018 to continue the monthly dental services.


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