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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2018 November Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1. Fundraising for Sulawesi tsunami victims 
2.Clean & Green Singapore Carnival
3.Great Love PreSchool Graduation Ceremony
4.Implementing 5S Framework

Volunteer:Send Love to Sulawesi

To support Indonesia’s Sulawesi tsunami disaster relief, Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore held a one-month fundraising drive island-wide. Although they were not able to help out at the disaster site, the volunteers actively worked to raise funds for the relief efforts. 

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his team looked beyond these immediate concerns, and they envisioned Singapore as a country that would be one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world.

The National Environment Agency held the launch ceremony for the Clean & Green Singapore Carnival. This is the 4th year Tzu Chi Singapore was invited to the event, and the VWO has, over the years, evolved from a supporter to a cooperating partner. 

 Volunteer  Susan Tan:
These few years, we have been given more opportunities to participate in such an event. We can see that they are more affirmative of us than before. They will invite us to be one of their key cooperating partners in the exhibition whenever they are holding the carnival.

18 graduating students from Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool shyly walk towards the stage in the Jing Si Hall, at the first graduation ceremony of their lives.

 Parent  Chen Li Ping:
When they were aged 3 or 4, their teachers told them to learn to pack their school bags and fold their own clothes, so they are very independent. This is why after my first child graduated, I let my second child join the Great Love PreSchool. 

Being immersed in humanistic values at the PreSchool, the students learned to be sensible and courteous. Graduating student Tan Ye Ming not only helps with housework at home, but he has also learned to eat his greens. 

Ye Ming’s Mother Ong Li Chuin:
When we see him sit there and pick up a piece of vegetable himself, we are very touched. We feel that all our efforts are worthwhile. The change in him is something that cannot be bought by money.   

Lean management trainer,  YC Lee:
Whatever work we are doing, safety is always our first concern.  

Lean management trainer YC Lee, who has over 20 years of experience in the field, was invited to hold a 4-day workshop for Tzu Chi’s staff and volunteers at the Jing Si Hall. Ms. Li taught everyone how to implement the 5S Framework, which starts with “sorting”. 

 Lean management trainer, YC Lee:
If you move away these cabinets, you’ll have space to sort your things, and decide what you need or don’t need.
Thanks to the trainer’s guidance, there is now more empty space. But this is just the beginning. Everyone still needs to continue to work to improve their work environment and processes.

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