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A Unique Year End Blessing to Welcome 2019

The Year End Blessing Ceremony held by Tzu Chi Singapore at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre saw the attendance of over 4,300 people. The 2-day event comprised several fringe activities, including 7 exhibition zones, where Tzu Chi volunteers encouraged attendees to join the ranks of volunteers.

The two-day Year End Blessing Ceremony 2018 held by Tzu Chi Singapore at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre was participated by over 4,300 people.

The event attendees witnessed Tzu Chi’s footprints in 2018 at the Year End Blessing Ceremony, which was different from past years. The attendees were no longer just audiences. Instead, they got to interact with the volunteers at the exhibition zones to learn more about Tzu Chi and to sign up as volunteers.

Attendee Jaslyn Koh:
I kept crying when I saw the video about Tzu Chi providing relief to disaster victims. Besides viewing the video, I also feel inspired to help others.


Attendee Jasline Tan:
The event this year feels different. It is more simplified and straight forward.

Year End Blessing Ceremony Coordinator
Lew Loon Keong :
The theme of the ceremony this year is to encourage people to serve as living bodhisattvas. What is different is that we are not only grateful for the support of the public, but also hope that they can join us as volunteers. We want to let them know that anyone can become a volunteer irrespective of his or her social status.

Tzu Chi Singapore CEO
The Four Missions of Tzu Chi have become widespread across Singapore. Many thanks for all your contributions and efforts. We will make better plans to move towards our goal of purifying minds and creating a harmonious society that is filled with warmth and love.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore have actively served the society for 25 years. The Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom distributed at the ceremony each year not only serve as blessings but also motivation for the volunteers to continue working to light up dark corners and protect the environment.

(大爱新闻 新加坡慈济功德会 综合报导)

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