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Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Recruiting Volunteers to Serve in Tzu Chi’s Mission of Medicine

Tzu Chi Singapore’s Year End Blessing Ceremony’s medical exhibition zone was filled with display boards showcasing news and stories on the NGO’s Mission of Medicine, and also featured a special wheelchair frame from Taiwan. Visitors were able to experience how the frame worked and also learned about the importance of volunteers’ team effort.   

Volunteer:If I do this, my neck will be stiff. So what we do is to provide the service…

title:A visitor experiences how a patient on a wheelchair receives dental treatment

As the wheelchair is supported by the frame, the patient can lie down and receive dental treatment. The frame comes from Taiwan, and it allows wheelchair bound patients to receive dental treatment comfortably.

Visitor, Low Soon Hing: It’s very special. I had an uncle who was wheelchair bound. But whenever he went to a hospital, he needed to be supported by someone and wasn’t able to walk fast. This frame would make it easy for him to receive dental treatment as it can support and keep a wheelchair in place.   

TIMA doctor, Theng Foong Mui: One of our spiritual tenets is to show gratitude, respect and love. It’s about treating the patient holistically and most importantly, giving them emotional support.This is also what Master Cheng Yen has taught us. We hope to form a good rapport with patients by interacting with them. They may feel touched and hopefully, join us as volunteers.    

Volunteer: I hope you could make some time to volunteer

Visitor: No problem at all.This comes naturally, because I’m doing it out of my own free will. I’ll definitely help Tzu Chi.

Alex Eow has been a regular volunteer with other VWOs. He learned about Tzu Chi’s philosophy at the Jing Si Abode in Taiwan’s Hualien 4 years ago and made a wish to join the organisation. Today, his wish is finally fulfilled.

Visitor, Alex Eow: You don’t need to be a medical professional to volunteer in the medical volunteer journey. It’s a great idea. I always tell everybody that whenever you’ve time, don’t watch television, go and volunteer your time, and you’ll find that you’ll become a better person.

The support from volunteers is important in free clinics as well as home medical visits. During the 2-day medical exhibition, TIMA doctors and nurses as well as volunteers shared about Tzu Chi’s Mission of Medicine and also recruited non-medical support volunteers to join the organisation to help relieve the suffering around the world. 

(大爱新闻 新加坡慈济功德会综合报导)

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