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Duration | 2:16

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

A Vibrant Eco Exhibition at the Year End Blessing Ceremony

A Vibrant Eco Exhibition at the Year End Blessing Ceremony

In addition to the main show and exhibition on Tzu Chi’s Four Missions, a series of talks and sign language performances were also held during the Year End Blessing Ceremony 2018. The vibrant and rich programmes gave all attendees a deeper understanding of the world of Tzu Chi.

This is a map of the venue layout of the Year End Blessing Ceremony. The event was like a treasure hunt, with treasures at every corner waiting to be discovered.

Volunteer: When you steam it or bake it, remove the flesh together with the seed, then cook it.

The vegetarian food truck was very popular as visitors got to learn how to cook vegetarian food and also to protect the environment. The eco exhibition zone also provided varied information to remind everyone to care for our planet.

Attendee, Jean Louis Charner : This year’s exhibition is quite interesting in terms of the actions that the organisation is doing for recycling and preserving the environment. And I also appreciate a lot the various contributions of the organisation to help the needy and those people who have been affected by disasters around the world.

Apart from the exhibition zones, there were also song and movement activities and eco health talks. There was also a TCM practitioner who shared about massage techniques and a nutritionist who clarified common doubts on vegetarianism.

Nutritionist, Xu Pei Yin:
If you just eat vegetables, that won’t do. All the 5 food groups are important. You need carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Attendee, Wang Dan Dan: 
When I was a full-time vegetarian, I didn’t achieve the health benefits as required. Having heard what the nutritionist had said, I realised that the key is to have a balanced diet. Another reason to become a vegetarian is to respect that animals are living beings just like humans.

Let’s start from our everyday life. It is not difficult. What’s most important is to be persistent.

During the talk, the attendees were also given the opportunity to try doing some eco-handicrafts.

Attendee,Wang Mei Qian:
After attending the talk, I find it very wise to turn our old clothes into recycling bags. It can be reused in society.

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