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Duration | 1:43

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Learning through the Senses at the Charity Exhibition Zone

At Tzu Chi’s Year End Blessing Ceremony’s charity exhibition zone, a scaled down one-room flat was set up to resemble the typical home of a needy household in Singapore. Volunteers hoped to provide a vivid experience on the living conditions of the needy to the visitors so as to deepen their understanding of Tzu Chi's Mission of Charity and further inspire them to sign up as volunteers.


Tzu Chi volunteer Lian Bee Ngo: Master Cheng Yen always tells us that every bit of donation makes a difference. So how do we use these donations?



To purchase daily necessities for aid recipients

Every month, volunteers will deliver these items to the beneficiaries.


At this simulated flat, the visitors experienced how Tzu Chi’s charity home visits are carried out. Such an experience deepened their concept of donating for charity irrespective of the amount.


Visitor Ling Yu He: I am more introvert. So this is the first step that I have taken and I can experience how it is like helping those in need.


Volunteer: How are you? (I am fine)


Volunteer: Some of the aid recipients do not even have a bed; they just sleep on the floor 

Visitor Lim Xin Yee : I can imagine how it feels the moment one steps into the home of a needy person. I believe that the volunteers would need some time to get used to that kind of smell in the flat and I’m quite touched.  

Tzu Chi volunteer  Lian Bee Ngo: Our aim is to give the visitors an opportunity to walk into a dark corner in society to experience it themselves. We made it as original as possible and that's why we have even placed some medicated oil that old folks often use, and there’s even a moldy smell on the shirts. These are some of the smelly old clothes that we have collected; you can try sniffing one. 


There were also sharing of real life stories and display of images and articles to give visitors a vivid picture of the charity home visits in the past, with the hope that more people will be touched to not only donate to Tzu Chi, but also sign up as volunteers to help light up many more dark corners in our society.

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