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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2019 March Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

  1. Lean Management Workshop
  2. Inspiring Talk by Lin Xing-hui 
  3. Introductory Talk on Guqin   
  4. Large-Scale Aid Distribution in Sri Lanka  

Lean Management Trainer, YC Lee: We do not need to keep everything. We must identify the items that we really need and prolong their lifespans. 

In November 2018, Tzu Chi Singapore’s staff and volunteers attended their first Lean Management workshop conducted by Mdm. YC Lee, an expert in the field. In March this year, Lee visited again to guide everyone to implement the second stage“Straighten”.

Lean Management Trainer , YC Lee :Previously, where did I tell you to put such small and valuable items? (Somewhere near and visible)  

Tzu Chi volunteer, Pang You Lan :In the past, I had to search everywhere for an item. Now, we no longer need a General Affairs staff to tell us where to find the items we need. It’s very efficient. 

Although only “Sorting” and “Straightening” in Lean Management have been implemented currently, the space utilisation within the Jing Si Hall has improved significantly. This motivates everyone to continue with the work. 

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lin Xing-hui: When we’re in a low mood, singing aloud is therapeutic for us. 

74-year-old Tzu Chi volunteer from Taiwan, Lin Xing-hui, has joined Tzu Chi for 25 years. She has authored several books and dropped by Singapore to give a talk at Jing Si Books and Cafe while visiting Malaysia to share about her books.

Attendee: May I ask how you face issues in your life and how you calm your mind?

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lin Xing-hui: Firstly, I will feel grateful, because Master Cheng Yen tells us that adversities in life only “happen by chance”; we “don’t ask for them”. 

Besides sharing about her own experiences, Lin patiently answered questions from her audience, to help them find solutions to their issues in life.  

Zhang Hao, a maker of Guqin who hails from China’s Shanxi Province, plays the instrument to a group of audience and shares about how the ancient Chinese instrument is made. Guqin, the foremost among the Four Arts in ancient China, has a history of over 4,000 years. 

In the aftermath of South Asian Tsunami in 2004, Tzu Chi started doing aid work in Sri Lanka. Volunteers from Tzu Chi Singapore have been visiting the country to conduct home visits to the needy periodically for the past 15 years.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lisa Chang: When we visited the needy households, we saw that many of their houses were quite spartan and empty. So when we visited them, we would give them aid supplies and check if they had enough to last for three months. Oftentimes, they only had a small bowl of rice left.

In the middle of March this year, Tzu Chi volunteers held two large-scale aid distributions there, benefiting over 4,700 impoverished households. 

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lim Chwee Lian: You can take this voucher and go to Keells supermarket to buy whatever you need. But you cannot buy alcohol to drink. 

In this distribution event, Tzu Chi distributed shopping vouchers instead of aid supplies, which saved the beneficiaries from carrying heavy bags home. Many of the residents eagerly went to the supermarket to purchase their necessities after receiving the vouchers. It was the first time that some of them had ever stepped into a supermarket. Their shopping trips were thanks to the kind hearts from all over the world.  

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