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Island-wide Street Fundraising Drive in Aid of Cyclone Idai Survivors

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in East Africa, causing more than 1,000 deaths and displacing millions of people. To support Tzu Chi's relief work in the cyclone-stricken countries, an island-wide street fundraising drive was held by Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore) on 5th May 2019. A total of 526 Tzu Chi volunteers took to the streets on this day at 44 locations across the island to raise funds for the cyclone survivors. Children from the Great Love PreSchool also contributed their bit in support of the cause. 

Cyclone Idai ravaged three countries in East Africa, resulting in severe disasters. Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide, including those in Singapore, have launched a fundraising campaign to help the cyclone victims. On this day, more than 520 volunteers at 44 locations across Singapore fundraise on the streets to help the victims.

During the fundraising event, members of the public responded actively to the cause. There were even some who dropped their donations into different donation boxes.

Member of the Public Law Heng Sang:If you have money, you give. You don't wait for people to give you money. This is very important in life. Helping people is good.

TIMA (Tzu Chi International Medical Association) doctors have also set aside their busy work schedule to participate in the fundraising drive.

TIMA doctor Lee Qin Yi:From the videos that the brother had shared, (we saw that) before giving out the relief food and supplies to the (disaster victims), the volunteers there would actually pour a cup of water for each and every victim. There was only one cup and one bottle and it has to go around all the victims and you can see how thirstily they drank the water. It is very heart wrenching. In Singapore, we all take water for granted. We just turn on a tap and clean water comes out , whereas clean water is a problem for those people in East Africa at the moment.

TIMA doctor Ho Eu Chin:This is an opportunity to donate a little bit to help our friends, our brothers and sisters on a land that is further away from Singapore. It’s about creating the opportunity for others to help others.

Children, you see, there is flooding. There is a lot of water, a lot of rain… Rain has flooded the road.

Over at Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool, children are shocked by the footage they see on the screen, and it inspires kindness in their hearts. Many of them do not hesitate to donate their savings in their Bamboo Coin Banks to help the disaster survivors in East Africa.

Great Love PreSchool Student Hii Tiin Yean:Their homes have collapsed. They have no place to stay. I’m saving money in my Bamboo Coin Bank every day and donating the money to help them.

Although disasters strike without discrimination, there is love in this world. May everyone combine their kindness and spread their love far and wide.

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