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Tzu Chi Singapore - 2019 April Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

1. Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary
2. Introductory Course on Home Visits and Charity Day
3. Tzu Chi Eco Awareness Carnival
4. 16th Healthcare Humanity Awards (HHA) 

Before the day breaks on the day of Tzu Chi 53rd Anniversary, more than 300 Tzu Chi volunteers gather outside the Jing Si Hall to join the bowing pilgrimage.

Cheng Shiu Hsiang 
Tzu Chi volunteer:
As disciples of the Buddha, we must humble ourselves and respect every living bodhisattva around us. What strikes me even more deeply is to awaken myself to all of my imperfections. I’ve also learned in Tzu Chi that we must cultivate wisdom besides sowing blessings.


Aside from adults, students from Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool have also come to the Jing Si Hall to celebrate the anniversary and learn about the world of Tzu Chi at various learning stations. At the Charity station, they make a choice between helping others and giving in to their desire. 

I’m going to give all of you a one dollar coin. You can donate the coin into the Bamboo Bank to help (the needy) or use it to buy chocolate.


Ethan Teng  Preschooler  :
I feel sorry for the people in Africa. Their houses have collapsed and they are eating trash. We must help them.

Charleston Hii  Preschooler
The people in Africa do not have food to eat
(What are you going to do then?)
I’ll donate to them, because they don't have money to buy food

 Tzu Chi volunteers held an introductory course on home visits for people who were interested to learn about Tzu Chi’s philosophy of charity. More than 60 new volunteers joined the home visits to the needy on Charity Day. Annie Tay was deeply touched when she saw the interactions between the volunteers and the aid beneficiaries.

Annie Tay
New volunteer:
The volunteers helped bathe the aid recipients and also gave them a haircut. I could feel that they were very happy. They seemed happier than when they received money or aid supplies from us.

 It is also Chin Yee Kiong’s first time participating in a home visit. He used to get upset about having a tiring job, but changed his perspective after the visit.  

Chin Yee Kiong
New volunteer:
I find that it’s really good to join the home visits as I can see many things and learn that there are many people who live harder lives than me.

This is Tzu Chi’s Eco Awareness Carnival at the bustling Bedok Town Square, where an interactive approach is used to motivate people to take action to protect the environment. On this day, nearly 2,000 visitors visited the exhibition, among which, 75 of them signed up to  serve as recycling volunteers. 

Wong Siew Kuen
Recycling volunteer:
I find this to be a very good event. We would either be sorting recyclables or sharing some info. at the monthly recycling points, so it’s difficult for the residents to understand us with their imagination. It’s also difficult to ask them to go to Tzu Chi.

Tzu Chi volunteers also encourage the visitors to bring their own reusable utensils.  

Zhang Xiao Ying
Today, I’ve learned that I can bring my own reusable container, shopping bag, utensils, and also a handkerchief. I’m going to buy a reusable straw too, because I drink a lot of beverages in Singapore as it’s very hot here. 

At the 16th Healthcare Humanity Awards Ceremony, Tzu Chi’s medical association dentist, Dr. Eugene Tang, is one of the 83 awardees. Dr. Tang has volunteered with Tzu Chi for close to 15 years. Besides providing free dental services for MINDS patients annually, he also volunteers at Tzu Chi free clinics overseas. This award is a recognition of his many years of selfless dedication and contribution.


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