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Promoting Right Faith on Seventh Lunar Month

Promoting Right Faith on Seventh Lunar Month

For the third consecutive year, Tzu Chi volunteers held the Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month Prayer Ceremonies in different zones in the community. Some 1,400 members of the public attended the ceremonies, which included skits, sign language and song presentations, talks, etc. They learned about practising Right Faith on the seventh lunar month by going vegetarian to protect life and purify their mind and body.

For the third consecutive year, Tzu Chi volunteers held the Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month Prayer Ceremonies in the community. Some 1,400 people attended the ceremonies, where they learned about Right Faith and going vegetarian to protect life.

Attendee Chew Boon Hwa
I learned that the 7th lunar month is actually not a “ghost month” where we have to make offerings of meat dishes like roast pork to our ancestors. We can actually offer vegetarian dishes, too.

Attendee Fong Sum Leng
We won’t burn paper money this time and we will consider going vegetarian. (What would you do with the money for buying paper money?)
I’ll save it in a Bamboo Coin Bank and donate it to Tzu Chi.

Every change starts from ourselves. Tzu Chi volunteers promoted the benefits of a vegetarian diet and encouraged people to go vegetarian at the event. There was also a talk to share what a nutritious vegetarian diet entails, which helped everyone feel more confident about going vegetarian.

Attendee Tan Joo Hiang
Today, I listened to a talk about vegetarian food given by a TCM physician and learned that it will improve our health. What’s most important is that it can help protect the environment. So it’s really good. I’ll try my best to learn more about a vegetarian diet and to adopt it in my life.

Attendee Toh Guan Eng
All living things have life, just like us. They will feel scared and suffer when they’re killed.

Attendee Beh Hak Chang
“Por Dor” means to relieve souls from suffering. It’s not about killing animals to make offerings as this will cause the death of innocent lives. Right Faith in Buddhism advocates vegetarianism. When everyone goes vegetarian, this is the greatest environmental protection.

In this 7th lunar month, may everyone protect life and Earth with sincere piety, to attain true auspiciousness.

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