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Duration | 2:21

Category | Medicine

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Seniors improve their balance and muscle strength with Gym Tonic equipment

The senior-friendly Gym Tonic programme was introduced at Tzu Chi TCM Free Clinic in Khatib and two Seniors Engagement & Enabling Node (SEEN) in Nanyang and Bukit Batok to help elderly regain and improve their muscle strength. Participants who have completed the 3-month training programme saw improvement in their muscle strength and body balance, which helps lower their risk of falling. They also become more confident in going out for activities.  

People train and shape their body at gym, but not for the elderly. To improve muscle strength, seniors can train with this set of Gym Tonic exercise equipment. 

Gym Tonic trainer Pauline Fong:

Because it has a lot of cushions and the load can be adjusted to a very low level. It also uses hydraulic mechanism which makes the pressure very smooth during exercise. 

Gym Tonic user Chiam Hye Nai:

In the past whenever I squat, I could never get up without any support. Now I can straight away stand up on my own after squatting.  

Gym Tonic user Han Kwong Ling:

Firm up the leg muscles so that you feel strong. Even if you (accidentally) kicked a stone, you can still balance yourself.  

The Gym Tonic programme was launched at Tzu Chi TCM Free Clinic in Khatib, SEEN Nanyang and SEEN Bukit Batok in 2019. Using the software of the equipment, exercises are customised to suit different elderly. Each training programme is conducted two sessions per week for a period of three months. 

Mr. Yeoh who suffers from Parkinson’s disease has weak muscles. Forgetting to consume his medicine on time can also lead to muscle stiffness, causing him to lose his self-confidence. After training for several months, coupled with the encouragement and companionship from volunteers, he has strengthened his muscles and become more open minded. 

Gym Tonic trainer Kan Mei Leng:

He doesn’t talk much, so we have to interact with him slowly. He only contracted this Parkinson’s disease recently, so he would cherish every minute (of the session). He said that his muscle would become stiff if he doesn’t exercise. 

Gym Tonic user Yeo Chin Hee:

After gaining better stamina and muscle strength, I have more courage to do many things. Now I can climb up 5 storeys without stopping. 

Gym Tonic trainer Kan Mei Leng:

They can build their confidence here. Besides coaching them in exercising, we also care for them. They are happy to be here. When I see happiness in them, I feel happy too. 

NS:Celebrate all your achievements and hard work in participating in the Gym Tonic programme.

 There is a simple graduation ceremony every three months to compliment the perseverance of the elderly and also to encourage everyone to keep exercising and stay active. 

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