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Preschool children show their care to foreign workers

Tzu Chi celebrated its 54th anniversary during the circuit breaker period in Singapore. Despite home-based learning, teachers have carefully arranged for courses and games online to let the children understand the unyielding spirit of the dharma masters in Jing Si Abode as well as the compassion and aspirations of Master Cheng Yen. Most of the new COVID-19 cases in Singapore are linked to foreign workers dormitories. In view of that, the preschool has called on children and their parents to raise funds to buy Tzu Chi instant rice and instant noodles for foreign workers. The video recording of the “One Family” song in sign language and the making of heart-shaped origami have also received overwhelming response from parents and children.

We are getting these beancurd ready, tonight we are going to marinate them. Come, dip them with some salt.

At home, parents and their children are preparing master’s rice dish.

 Preschool student, Low Zhi Shan: Why are we having master’s rice dish? Because we want to experience how Master Cheng Yen had lived in the past as she had master’s rice dish too when she was young, so as to save money to help people in need.

Do not waste water, every drop must go into the bottle to save the little fish. If we didn’t waste a single drop of water, all the water will gather into a river.

Tzu Chi celebrated its 54th anniversary on the second week of the circuit breaker measure. Great Love PreSchool had designed a series of activities to allow home-based children and those at school experience the diligent and frugal lifestyle of Tzu Chi.   

Preschool teacher, Au Foong Yee: So, we made a tutorial video to allow parents to watch it at home with their children. They will learn how Tzu Chi being a charity organization for more than 50 years, had started with the concept of saving small amount of money for greater good through bamboo coin bank era and master’s rice dish.

Having experienced life in the abode, children practice compassion they learned in their daily life. The preschool worked together with parents and children to show care to the foreign workers in the largest COVID-19 cluster in Singapore now.    

Preschool teacher, Au Foong Yee: We thought of raising Tzu Chi instant rice and instant noodle for them, at the end we managed to raise more than 3 times the amount we targeted. We hope to send love from all the students and teachers at Great Love PreSchool to them.

Preschool student, Isaac Ong Zi En: (Isaac, who are you extending this love to?) To the foreign workers. (Why are you showing your love to them?) To wish them good health.

Amid a pandemic, the spirit of compassion, joy and giving is best expressed through acts of love from us to  others.

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