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Sri Lankan students receive urgent living supplies from Tzu Chi

In mid-April, the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore received the request for daily supplies from at least 500 Sri Lankan students studying in Singapore. Most of these students are here for a six-month to a year short-term diploma courses (Diploma) and majority of them are from middle income families. The implementation of a nationwide lockdown since 20 March in Sri Lanka has brought economic impact to many families while the currency remittance services of banks are also affected, resulting in the students’ families not being able to remit funds to them in time. Tzu Chi in Singapore prepared 250 packages of living supplies to temporarily address the immediate needs of the students. There are 15 basic items in each package, as well as a consolatory letter in Sinhala language and a Jing Si Aphorisms booklet. This timely assistance is provided with the hope of helping these students cope with the current difficult situation.

These stacks of food ingredients, dry food and daily groceries are prepared for Sri Lankan students studying in Singapore.

There are around 1,000 Sri Lankan students studying in Singapore. Due to the pandemic, some college students are unable to do their internship as scheduled. The remittance of their living allowance from their families is also affected, landing them into difficulties.

General Manager of Tzu Chi Singapore, Keng Lim
We received a call from the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore last Saturday afternoon. Because of the pandemic, the students here are already facing some financial issues and they request for our immediate support. We are also hoping to get these foods ready in the shortest time possible, however most of the ingredients are hard to find at present, as we only took one week to prepare these supplies for them.

Social distancing measure is in place during the circuit breaker period. Therefore, less than 10 Tzu Chi staff are mobilized to pack 250 gift packs, which include a consolatory letter and a Jing Si Aphorisms booklet in Sinhala language in each gift pack. These are blessings and a form of encouragement from Tzu Chi.

General Manager of Tzu Chi Singapore, Keng Lim
It is a letter from us to the students, although they are from Sri Lanka and they may not have any relatives or friends here, we let them know that kindness knows no boundary, and we do not mind that they are foreigners but care for them the same. The students will also receive our Jing Si Aphorisms booklet which is a gift from us.

The pandemic may be relentless but there is love in the world. Hopefully these bags of living supplies can ease the current plight of the Sri Lankan students. May they remain safe and healthy during this critical period and let their families staying faraway feel at ease.

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