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Duration | 2:34

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Little chefs find fun in cooking

While people are spending more time at home amid a pandemic, Tzu Shaos (students of the Tzu Chi Teenagers Class) and their parents are learning how to cook vegetarian dishes at home. Some even made their own tutorial video to share their recipe with others. Through making their own vegetarian meals, they discovered the goodness in going meatless while cooking together saw an improvement in parent child bonding.

With the help of a tutorial video, children prepared their favorite food at home within 30 minutes. This is one of the monthly activities by Tzu Chi Teenagers Class.  

The teacher in the video is no other than a Tzu Shao. Amid the pandemic, Tzu Shaos learn how to make vegetarian dishes together with their parents. They also made videos to share the recipes online, attracting young people to learn more about vegetarian food in an easy and interesting way.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Zhou Hai Yan: We did the cooking in March and shared the videos in April, that turned out to be an effort to promote vegetarianism. There is a feedback form for our online cooking class, and we received more than 80 feedbacks from Tzu Shaos. Basically, all Tzu Shaos are willing to go vegetarian and agree on the benefits of vegetarianism.

Not only do they gain more knowledge about vegetarianism during the cooking, it is also a parent child bonding time for them.

Tzu Shao, Chew Jia Xuan: I chose to make Souffle pancake today, because this is the food that I wanted to make, and I am preparing it with my father. Having taken vegetarian food for the past few months, I feel happier, not only because it is healthy, but also because it is good for the environment and animals.

Parent of a Tzu Shao, Heng Siang Gek: Since this is her first-time cooking, I tried not to let her fail too badly because she might stop trying due to the failure. So, I stood next to her to remind and explain to her why certain steps are wrong. I find this activity very good, it is best to have more activities like this.

Tzu Shao, Woon Zi Yi: I think I should try to convince my family more, even if they cooked meat, I only eat the vegetables and not the meat, this is how I slowly adopt a vegetarian diet.

Discover the great taste of vegetarian food through cooking and realize that vegetarian diet can be healthy and tasty, and it protects animals. 

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