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The Pledge and Go programme is now running to promote sustainable diet

Tzu Chi Singapore has launched the Pledge & Go programme to encourage more people to adopt a plant-based diet and to promote the benefits of giving up on animal products. Tzu Chi has collaborated with local vegan and vegetarian food outlets to offer rewards to members of the public who pledge for the programme. Participants of the programme can accumulate points for dining at these participating outlets and be entitled to discounts for meals and purchases after accumulating sufficient points. Tzu Chi volunteers’ effort in visiting and inviting vegetarian restaurants across the island to participate in this programme have resulted in a fruitful outcome where many of these businesses have agreed to be part of the movement.  

Chong Yu Jia, JournalistWould scanning the QR code at vegetarian outlets to accumulate points in exchange for discounts be attractive enough to make you try going meatless? 

This is Tzu Chi Singapore’s one year Veg Forward programme that aims to encourage more people to eat more plant-based food to magnify the impact of a meatless diet. 

Tzu Chi volunteer, Anri Lee: If customers can accumulate points and enjoy discounts for eating plant-based meals, by accumulating the points for some time, it would gradually change their dietary habit. We are also sharing with them the three benefits for adopting a plant-based diet, firstly, it helps us stay healthier, secondly, it protects the environment and thirdly, it reduces killing.

Tzu Chi volunteer: This is a programme that promotes plant-based diet. We hope to get more people to be part of the solution.

Volunteers have actively visited and invited vegetarian stalls and restaurants to support the programme. Currently, the programme is participated by 130 businesses across Singapore.  

Vegetarian restaurant owner, Tan Leng Leng: I think it is the right move to encourage more people to eat healthy plant-based food, at least it makes your body feel lighter.

Vegetarian restaurant owner, Ng Wee Kok: As long as it is about vegetarianism, we are happy to cooperate. If everyone promotes vegetarian food in various ways, I believe it will have a huge impact on the society.

This vegetarian restaurant has only started operating for a week. The owner decided to switch to selling vegetarian food out of compassion. Upon hearing about this programme, he immediately agreed to join without hesitation.

Vegetarian restaurant owner, Jeffrey Chua: Because I am a vegetarian, they said, “That’s not right, you are a vegetarian, but you sell meat”. And so, I opened this vegetarian restaurant, The main point is to reduce the killing of animals. This is a good programme. I agree with it fully. Vegetarianism benefits us in many ways, not just in terms of health, but also emotionally calming.

There are discounts for havingvegetarian meals, but no effort is spared in protecting Mother Earth. Pledge and Go begins with the first meatless meal.  

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