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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi volunteers deliver vegetarian lunch to workplaces

It is not easy to promote vegetarianism to colleagues at the workplace, especially in a busy food factory. Undeterred by difficulties and troubles, Tzu Chi volunteers are working with community volunteers to order and deliver vegetarian meals to a food factory. Their effort has managed to change their colleague’s perception and acceptance of vegetarianism. Many have also agreed that adopting a plant-based diet is a healthier option.

What is vegetarian food?
Vegetarian food is unhealthy, it is all fried food
It is rather mild in taste
Not much variety

Does vegetarian food really taste bad? Since August, volunteers working in schools, hospitals and factories have been inviting their colleagues to go for vegetarian meals once a week. Some even took up the responsibility for ordering and delivering meals. With teamwork, the volunteers are eager to let their colleagues try out vegetarian food for themselves.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Su Jin Yan
It is not easy to promote vegetarian food in a factory. Our canteen does not provide vegetarian food, and it is inconvenient to takeaway from outside. They (colleagues) are very happy now that vegetarian food is delivered this way.

In order to get the lunch delivered on time, time is of essence in the delivery process.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Poh Kiew Chai
If we were late by a few minutes, the factory workers would be hungry because they have nothing to eat during their break. So, no matter how difficult the task is, we just want to see them enjoy the food, and that makes me happy. If they are used to eating vegetarian food, they will influence their friends and family. My main objective is to promote vegetarian food and try to let them enjoy vegetarian food.

This is petai fried rice. (You all seem to like it. It tastes good, right?)

The good taste of the food and sincerity of the volunteers are felt by their colleagues.

Jin Yan’s colleague
Sometimes when I go to the hawker stall, I would queue at the vegetarian stall to buy food. After trying some, I find it acceptable, it tastes quite delicious.

Jin Yan’s colleague
I always order vegetarian lunch from her. I feel much healthier, I think I have lost some weight.

Food company owner
Actually, there is no difference between vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food. It’s healthier to consume more vegetables, it avoids the killing of animals too.

With the support from volunteers, the colleagues now have a new option in their diet, and that is vegetarian food.

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