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Finding inner strength and resolve in Dharma

Tzu Chi volunteer Ang Wei Dai had a toxic marriage which ended in a divorce. After the separation, Ang was forced to raise her three children all by herself. Now that her children have all grown up with each having their own achievements in life, the bitter days are finally over. Ang’s wish is to become a volunteer in the remaining years of her life. After knowing Tzu Chi, she became actively involved in the foundation’s volunteering activities. Unfortunately, Ang was diagnosed with sinus cancer in September and was forced to cease all her Tzu Chi activities. While she undergoes treatment for cancer, she remains positive and hopeful to recover from the illness and resume her volunteering duties. During her recuperation, Ang has not slacked in listening to dharma. From there, she came to understand the law of cause and effect and has now let go of her resentment towards her ex-husband.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ang Wei Dai
I was hospitalized twice after getting beaten by him (ex-husband). There was once when he hit me so hard that my eyes almost popped out, and then I decided to divorce him because I could not tolerate anymore.

An unhappy marriage had forced Ang to support a whole household on her own.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ang Wei Dai
I had to bring up three children by myself. I worked at Laksa stall and Chicken rice stall, because I had to be independent.

Ang who is now over seventy years old, has not been idle after retirement. In 2012, she became a Tzu Chi volunteer and had since actively volunteering in various activities. She remained active until she was diagnosed with sinus cancer in September this year, and that forced her to stop all her volunteering activities. However, she did not stop listening to dharma while undergoing medical treatment, keeping her master-disciple relationship intact.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ang Wei Dai
Despite having some eyesight problem now, I still want to watch, if I don’t, I would feel like something is missing.

With such affinity and such blessings.

After listening to the dharma for some time, Ang was subtly influenced to let go of her resentment towards her ex-husband.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ang Wei Dai
Master Cheng Yen spoke about the law of cause and effect. The reason a person leads a life full of bitterness is because the person had not done any good deed in the past life. And so, I have now let go of everything. I even brought rice dumplings for him (ex-husband). Master Cheng Yen’s teachings require practical actions.

The misfortunes in the first half of her life are over. From now on, Ang wants to be herself for the rest of her life.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ang Wei Dai
Do good deeds, speak good words. I have to do these. I will not give up on what Master Cheng Yen has taught me.

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