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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Finding solidarity in the stories displayed at the Stay Home Quilt exhibition

The final chapter of the Stay Home Quilt community art project is concluded with the compilation of patchworks by participants from different community groups who expressed their thoughts and feelings through sewing. Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre in Singapore has extended the creative concept of local artist, Jimmy Ong, with the hope of reaching out to people who are affected by the pandemic, to help them express their feelings and thoughts through sewing. The entire process was recorded and compiled in November and the finished work are now on display at the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for a month.

Around 96 volunteers are serving as docents for the Stay Home Quilt exhibition. Rahul, one of the docents of Indian ethnicity, feels deeply about this exhibition. 

Exhibition Ambassador|Rahul
I can see this not only the clothes, this is not only the exhibition. This is all about the emotions and feelings, how these migrant workers were doing at the stadium. Otherwise, if you could have given them any other physical like activities to do, their mind would not be like completely (inaudible) because people knitting with full focus there, so they completely forgot about this coronavirus, pandemic and all these things. That was really hats off. I salute to all the volunteers who did this wonderful and great job and make this happen. 

Other than the static exhibition of photos and artwork, the video screening is also one of the key displays at the exhibition. The videos are the recordings of nine Stay Home Quilt project participants who shared about their feelings amid the pandemic.  

SHQ Participant|Shakirin
After finished viewing all the nine videos that each carries its own stories, (I learned that) everyone has a different story. However, I also notice the one and only similarity that links to me, and that is, we all miss our family. This is the first time I sewed, and the first time I expressed how I feel about the pandemic situation that is happening right now.

Behind each of these story-filled patchwork that are rich in emotions, lies a positive attitude in facing the tests of the pandemic.

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