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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Volunteers prepare vegetarian bento for neighbourhood residents

Tzu Chi Singapore volunteers are doing their best to promote vegetarianism. These few motherly volunteers started with promoting vegetarianism in their neighborhood by preparing vegetarian meals for the residents living or working nearby. The sumptuous and varied dishes make non-vegetarians realise that going meatless is not a form of sacrifice, but a pleasurable eating experience. 

Three volunteers are busy filling up these lunch boxes with food in a small kitchen.

Since August, vegetarian meals have been prepared for residents in the neighborhood to promote vegetarianism. Although the volunteers are busy with their daily routine and are unable to provide lunch every day, they still seize every opportunity to promote vegetarianism.

 Tzu Chi volunteer, Lee Lai Huay

I did not think too much, I only hope that non-vegetarians would find vegetarian food to be delicious and healthier, and that vegetarian meal is not necessarily full of mock meat.

Different dishes are prepared each time, with its presentation and nutrition all carefully thought through. This bento not only fills up the stomach, but also allows consumers to learn about vegetarian food and it strengthens the cooking skills of the volunteers. 

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lim Wah Chun

It is difficult to promote vegetarianism. So, we thought of starting it from our neighbourhood. We have to look for many recipes online to make the meals healthy.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Khong Han Noi

Don’t just prepare green veggies, it would bore them. When they open the lunch box and find the dishes appealing, a response like this good enough for me. 

Hair salon worker, Lee Hong Moy

Mom is here with our food. It feels like eating what mom cooks at home. I would go take a peek at the dishes when I am free. Wow, the food looks good today. In the past, we would endure hunger when we had no time to buy food. We only bought our food after work, and that caused us to have our meals at irregular hours. Tzu Chi volunteers are punctual in delivering the meals, it has saved us a lot of time. We are so grateful to them for sending us food these few months. We get to eat healthily.

The heavy lunch boxes are not only filled with sumptuous dishes but also the love from the neighbourhood.

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