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Volunteers and members “return” to Jing Si Hall for Year End Blessing ceremony

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tzu Chi volunteers and congregants in Singapore had not been able to attend any activities at Jing Si Hall for close to a year. The organizing team for the Year End Blessing ceremony had done the best they could so that people could return to Jing Si Hall for the ceremony. On the event days, participants carefully adhered to the preventive measures. Due to space constraint, only 120 attendees were received for each session. Although the scale of 20 sessions in 4 days was smaller than previous years, the heart warming atmosphere remained the same. Together, the congregations prayed piously to usher in a new year with blessings. 

Members of the public came to Jing Si Hall with their families to attend the annual Year End Blessing ceremony.  

Coordinator for the YEB ceremony, Lew Loon Keong 
More people could attend the ceremony when it is held online. However, it would lack a bit of warmth. Abiding by the regulation we are organising the event this way with the hope of letting participants return to Jing Si Hall to have the “homecoming” feeling.   

Tzu Chi volunteer, Manikandan 
It feels very well. Over here, everyone is friendly.

Strictly abiding by the preventive measures, due to space constraint, only 120 people can be accommodated for each session.  The scale of 20 sessions in 4 days was smaller compared to previous years but still equally heart warming.   

Member of the public, Kwok Wai Meng 
I love having the YEB ceremony held here in Jing Si Hall. I find it spiritually satisfying because everyone prays for the same cause It advocates love, kindness and care to everyone unconditionally, regardless of race and religion. 

The sight of Tzu Chi volunteers on the move during the pandemic has made Malaysian Tzu Chi volunteer, Wong Kin Fai, whom is stranded in Singapore, miss the days he could contribute.  

Tzu Chi volunteer, Wong Kin Fai 
When we were in Malaysia there were a lot of things we could do. This year, the pandemic has kept people apart. Therefore, Master Cheng Yen said “Do good to bring harmony to the world”. So when opportunity to serve others arises we must seize it and be grateful. 

Holding a lighted lamp to pray piously the wisdom in us are ignited too. May all be well and safe in the coming new year. 

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