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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Preschool children send CNY wishes to the elderly

Safe management measures is still ongoing during the Spring Festival in Singapore. Determined to send CNY blessings to the elderly, a group of children from Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool had spent time rehearsing and recording their lion dance and fan dance performances. They had also handmade some handicrafts to be given to the elderly at Tzu Chi Senior Engagement and Enabling Node.  

The little “lions” started dancing to the pulsating beat, together with this beautiful fan dance, both were meticulously performed by a group of 6-year-olds. 

During this Chinese New Year, little children from Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool had carefully rehearsed for their performance and handmade some handicrafts as a way to send their blessings to the elderly. 

Preschool teacher, Gan Wen Shan: Because some of them may not have any children to look after them. We also want to let the children learn to share their kindness and love with others. (This will also) let them understand that they are able to give.

Preschool student, Ang Wan Qing: We are making lanterns using red packets, hopefully it will cheer the elderly up.

Preschool student, Phang Yu Jer: I am writing Jing Si Aphorisms for grandpa and grandma to wish them Happy Chinese New Year.  

A video of their performance, hopefully later you can enjoy the performance.

Due to ongoing safety measures, the children were unable to be present at the scene to perform and so the elderly could only watch their performance on the screen. Yet, the elderly at Tzu Chi elder care centre were still delighted. 

Participant, Agnes Lim: I’m very happy, they’ve performed very well.

Participant, Roger Tan: It is necessary to educate children to show their love to the elderly. I think it is a good effort. By going on in this right direction, (the children will become) more gracious and more considerate towards the society and towards all the people around in this world. 

Preschool teacher: Bless you, thank you. Here are some apples to wish you wellness and safety.

The preventive measures cannot stop the young children from showing their care to the elderly and this journey of sending love had been full of warmth.

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