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Duration | 1:47

Category | Charity

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Participants learn the right way to conduct home visits during introductory course

Following the welcoming response from the first charity home visit introductory course that was held in 2019, the same introductory class was conducted again in 2021 to introduce the concept and etiquette of Tzu Chi’s Charity mission to members of the public who are interested to learn more about Tzu Chi. The course had not only resulted in the recruitment of a number of new volunteers but also made it easier for more people to contribute to society.   

How many basic etiquette for home visit do you know?  

Course participant, Teh Ru Pei 
Just like certain things should not be said as it might hurt or upset the listener, or even agitate him. We won’t mention those things. This is what strikes me the most. 

Tzu Chi Singapore held a home visit introductory course at five locations to introduce Tzu Chi’s mission of charity and basic etiquette in home visit to 124 members of the public.  

Course participant, Hou Yi 
They (volunteers) are great, because I feel that we are now living a decent life and when we help others within our means, whether is it a contribution to the society or sharing our love to people around us, either way, it is good.  

Tzu Chi volunteer, Toh Chin Keong 
Home visit is an important aspect of Tzu Chi’s mission of charity. The charity mission is the one that can best foster compassion in us, because we get to witness sufferings, and then realise how blessed we are. Through attending today’s introductory course we hope that the participants would be moved to take action and join our charity mission. 

Under the encouragement of volunteers, Lim Chui Ping who regularly donates to charity is now willing to try volunteering.  

Course participant, Lim Chui Ping 
Donating money is not the only way to help others, we can do so through actions. When I look back at myself, life has been good to me, I can live life more optimistically this way.  

After the course, many participants have expressed their willingness to become volunteers. Each willing person is like a torch of hope, illuminating more dark corners in the society.

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