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Duration | 2:05

Category | Medicine

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Cross-border Support: Medical supplies arrive in Cambodia

The number of COVID-19 cases in Cambodia has been increasing sharply since April, leading to an urgent need for medical supplies in the country. However, medical supplies such as masks and PPEs that meet the standard are costly. Because of this, Tzu Chi Cambodia had sought help from Tzu Chi Taiwan to supply the necessary aid materials. After discussions, it was decided that neighbouring countries including Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore should arrange for medical supplies to be shipped to Cambodia. In Singapore, a portion of the masks, gloves, PPEs, medical beds and wheelchairs were donated by two local entrepreneurs. Despite having to overcome several hurdles during the transportation process due to border closure in Cambodia, the medical supplies arrived safely at the premise of the recipient. This batch of medical supplies will be distributed to medical front liners by Samdech Techo Volunteer Youth Doctor Association (TYDA), a local NGO in Cambodia.   

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly in Cambodia since April, leading to an urgent need for medical supplies, of which, Tzu Chi has done its best to make up the difference.  

Tzu Chi Cambodia Person-in-charge, Hsieh Ming-hsuanIt is not easy to buy these materials in Cambodia. Those that meet the standard are expensive while the government’s medical supplies are limited. Due to that, they have sought help from Tzu Chi. Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan immediately inquired about the matter and contacted other countries for support.  

Tzu Chi Singapore Deputy CEO, Khoo Kean Yee Tzu Chi Taiwan has deposited some masks in Singapore, hence, Tzu Chi Taiwan contacted us to support the delivery of supplies this time. There also happened to be a total of 190 thousand masks donated by two local entrepreneurs for any countries in need. Due to this, we are sending the supplies in a cargo container. The shipping of goods is not easy either, we waited several days for the container, it is not always available. This is a good lesson for us on what role Singapore can play in times of crisis.  

Despite several challenges along the way, the medical supplies arrived safely in Cambodia thanks to the careful arrangement by the volunteers and the support from the entrepreneurs. This batch of medical supplies will be distributed to frontline medical workers by TYDA in Cambodia.  

Stock controller  Ny SoklyAfter receiving the supplies from Tzu Chi, we will arrange for them to be distributed to areas with COVID-19 cases and vaccination zones. These supplies are truly helpful.  

Tzu Chi Cambodia Person-in-charge, Hsieh Ming-hsuan TYDA accepts all the medical supplies from us because our supplies are up to standard.  

Amid this ongoing pandemic, countries are helping each other to overcome this crisis together.   

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