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Duration | 2:13

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

It is more blessed to give than to receive, I am a blessed kid

Tzu Chi celebrates its 55th anniversary on the 24th of the third lunar month. In conjunction with the foundation’s anniversary, Tzu Chi Singapore Great Love PreSchool had conducted a series of experiential activities in school such as having salted bean curd rice for lunch, switching off of air conditioner and sleeping on the floor during afternoon nap time. All these were done with the aim of instilling a sense of gratitude in children through experiencing the hardships in the early days of Tzu Chi’s establishment. Preschool teachers had also incorporated the concept of bamboo coin bank era into the games to teach children that small donations can make a huge difference and how a bit of kindness from everyone can do great deeds.

Student: I am marinating bean curd. I am going to make “Grandmaster Rice”.

The “Grandmaster Rice” is actually this dish which is made of salted bean curd and rice.

As they had to save some money, they did not have much left to buy vegetables and fruits. So, they could only eat rice with bean curd. Today we will be eating the same dish.

In conjunction with Tzu Chi’s 55th anniversary, a series of experiential activities were carried out at Tzu Chi Singapore Great Love PreSchool, taking little children on a journey to experience the hardships in the early days of Tzu Chi’s establishment.

Preschool student, Nicholas Duong: I can’t sleep without a bed Preschool student, Sun Chuan Xun: The floor is very hard; it makes me feel headache after sleeping on it. It is a blessing to have a bed to sleep on.

Preschool student, Beth: The lights and air conditioners are switched off because we cannot waste electricity. Preschool teacher, Huang Chia Lin: Before we start with the activities, we told them stories about Master Cheng Yen and her resilience to overcome hardships in the past.

The purpose is to let them learn to cherish blessings and be grateful for all the good things that we have now. Carefully holding with both hands, not a single drop of water is to be wasted because the river is made of drops of water.

Preschool teacher, Au Foong Yee: Because if you only let them toss coins into the bamboo coin bank daily, they won’t understand the concept.

Through experiencing, they can intuitively witness how the water accumulates drop by drop, it signifies how little things can accumulate and how the combined effort from everyone can be powerful.

Preschool student, Zyra Tan: I donate to bamboo coin bank every day because I want to help people in need.

Preschool student, Tay Jing Ying: I put the money my mom gave me into the bamboo coin bank. More people can join hands to help others.

Only through experiencing difficulties can we understand how blessed we are. The feelings expressed in drawings and the kindness sowed in the mind will be there to grow up with this group of children.

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