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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Witnessing Beauty and Goodness in “Walking Dharma”

Witnessing Beauty and Goodness in “Walking Dharma”
“Walking Dharma”, a documentary film, was being screened in Singapore for the first time at the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, before an audience of close to 600 people. The film depicts how Taiwan Tzu Chi volunteers visit the poor and needy in the remote country regions to provide aid, which is also a reflection of the charity footprints of Tzu Chi volunteers around the world. Many among the audience were moved to tears by the scenes of human warmth and love.

“Walking Dharma”, a documentary film that took a year to shoot and broke records in Taiwan, is being screened in Tzu Chu Humanistic Youth Centre before an audience of close to 600 people.

The film does not display superb acting skills. It depicts real life situations of how Tzu Chi volunteers in eastern Taiwan enter the dark corners to help the needy. The heart-warming scenes struck a deep chord with the Singapore volunteers, who are also familiar with charity work.

Tzu Chi volunteer Kan Chee Heng:
In the film, I saw a lot of Tzu Chi volunteers who mindfully accompany and care for the aid recipients. They truly devote their lives to caring for the needy.

Tzu Chi volunteer Lee Wah Pun:
They even have to go to (such remote places). We’re very lucky in Singapore. If we don’t drive, we can reach anywhere by bus. It’s a good learning experience for us. I hope that I can still come out and serve when I’m 80 or 90 years old.

Audience member Celeste Ang:
This is the first time I’ve seen volunteers caring for the needy all day long, going from one household to another. It’s truly not an easy feat.

Because of the impermanence of life, the film was produced.

CEO of Tzu Chi Charity Foundation in Taiwan Yan Bo Wen is a producer of the film, “Walking Dharma”. He shares about why the film was produced with the audience after it was screened.

CEO of Tzu Chi Charity Fdn. (TW)
Yan Bo Wen:
Although some of the volunteers were sick, they still gave of themselves as usual. This is a reflection of Tzu Chi’s spirit as described by Dharma Master Cheng Yen. The aid and care recipients thus felt comforted and were able to transform their lives. We hope to inspire people to join us in doing good together. I believe this is the biggest wish of the Master.

The footages lead the audience into stories of the volunteers’ devotion to caring for the needy, inspiring kindness in them so that they may join the ranks of volunteers.

(大爱新闻 黄福顺 张玉佳 梁启健 蔡赞泽 柯振兴 新加坡慈济基金会报导)

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