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Unsung Heroes Behind the Success of the Year End Blessing Ceremony

The Year End Blessing Ceremony held by Tzu Chi Singapore at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre saw the attendance of over 4,300 people. The event this year included a wide variety of items, but the volunteers were able to complete all the preparation work within a short time, fully displaying their spirit of teamwork.

The two-day Year End Blessing Ceremony 2018 ended successfully; thanks to the quiet hard work of the volunteers behind the scene.

They had only less than a day’s time to prepare, but the volunteers managed to complete the setup at 7 exhibition zones and on 3 levels of the building. This would not have been possible without proper planning.

The effort of the volunteers was evident at every exhibition. This “well” was part of it. It was set up to guide visitors to understand its underlying meaning.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lee Kwei Mean
This entire well is made up of 50 plastic bottles. The first step of the design involved laying the “bricks”. The texture of this resembles that of a brick. However, it’s actually not easy for such a material to absorb paint. I only realised that I’ve to let the first layer of paint dry first before repainting it.

This is a tree without any leaf. Everyone can pick one (leaf), and paste on it to make a wish.

Zhou Hai Yan was exposed to the concept of environmental protection while volunteering in the Tzu Chi Teenagers’ Class and realised that it’s an imperative to promote environmental protection. She and her parents worked together to complete the display at the exhibition zone, and this helped deepen their eco awareness.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Zhou Hai Yan
I hope that they will experience it for themselves. The most important thing is spiritual recycling. When I saw the information about environmental awareness, I couldn’t help but keep feeling the importance of environmental conservation. We are really running out of time.

The Year End Blessing Ceremony is one of Tzu Chi’s key events each year. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers and also the support from the public. We hope that more people will join the ranks of Tzu Chi volunteers this year.

(大爱新闻李嘉仪 蔡赞泽 新加坡慈济功德会报导)

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