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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Festive celebration amidst a new normal

Tzu Chi Singapore could not invite its Indian care recipients to Jing Si Hall for the Deepavali festive celebration this year due to the pandemic. However, a series of online programmes were prepared prior to the festive season as volunteers were still keen to celebrate this festival with their care recipients at the comfort of their home. This simple gesture has also sent a message to the care recipients that their home visit volunteers are there for them.  

To adhere to the preventive measures and avoid crowd gathering, this year’s Deepavali celebration with Tzu Chi’s Indian care recipients had been switched online, coupled with a home visit by volunteers. 

Tzu Chi Volunteer | Esther Cheong
Due to COVID-19, we are unable to (celebrate it) like before. However, we are eager to celebrate this festival with our care recipients. And so, we came up with the idea of bringing it online to celebrate this important festival with our care recipients via zoom. 

Overcoming the barrier of space and distance, home visit volunteers carefully prepared for the small group gathering with their care recipients. 

Care Recipient | Angela Rebecca
As you know, my husband had passed on in July. There is not going to be any celebrations. My husband attended last year’s celebration and he loved the passing of the light. But this year he is not here (anymore). Thank you for coming. Just want to thank all my brothers and sisters for the support.  

The lighting up of a lamp for prayer represents the ushering in of brightness. As we celebrate Deepavali, let’s also pray for the pandemic to be over soon.

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