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Duration | 2:20

Category | Charity, Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Saying “Thank You” Through Hearty Vegetarian Meals

Tzu Chi Singapore will be officially launching four new establishments in September 2019, including two branches of the Tzu Chi Senior Engagement and Enabling Node, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Traditional Chinese Medicine Free Clinic and the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. As two of the new establishments are currently still under construction, Tzu Chi volunteers seized the opportunity to promote humanistic culture and vegetarianism to the construction workers. They sincerely prepared lunches and snacks for the workers with gratitude, respect and love, and their kind gestures have touched the latter.  

This is the venue of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Traditional Chinese Medicine Free Clinic, which will be in operation in September. The workers onsite are working very hard while a team of volunteers busy themselves outside.
There is nasi lemak and plain white rice. It is very touching to see this.

The meal is prepared to suit the taste of different races. This is the weekly lunch gathering between Tzu Chi volunteers and the workers.

Tzu Chi volunteer Tay Chin Joo
Since they are Indians, I thought of cooking something that suits their taste so that they will enjoy the food. However, we have a challenge, because there are also workers from mainland China. Indian food is more spicy, so the Chinese workers are not used to it. Hence, we have prepared some plain rice. As they are foreign workers, we must not give them the impression that they are being looked down upon. We really treat all of them equally, regardless of their position.

(This is our home), and they are taking care of our home. They sweat (to build this place), so we should care for them, and provide them with drinks and snacks. Everyone works happily here.

Besides lunch, the volunteers also prepare snacks every day. Despite language barriers, they are mindful with every detail, warming the workers’ hearts with Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture.

Tzu Chi volunteer Tan Seok Kee
Why are we making so much effort to prepare the lunch today? We put on our aprons (and headscarves). Because this is how we do it in Jing Si Hall, so it won't be right if we do it otherwise here. We are all serving with respect in our heart. This group of volunteers came here with love and respect for the workers. Despite language barriers, I believe that everyone can still feel their care and love.

These volunteers are packing lunch for the group of workers at the construction site of the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, which will be launched in September too. The volunteers have promptly arranged for the workers to have a weekly vegetarian meal before the project ends.

The volunteers are grateful for every bit of hard work from the workers. Their acts of care and kindness fill the dusty construction site with human warmth.

(大爱新闻 李嘉仪 蔡赞泽 戴小庆 新加坡慈济基金会报导)

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