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Duration | 2:32

Category | Education, Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Humanistic Youth Centre Bustles with the Vigor of Youth on its Open Day

In this ever-changing world, there are many challenges that could be transformed into opportunities. How can our youths make good use of modern technology and skills to help better the world? The first Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre serves our youths today by providing a platform where they can engage in self-discovery and connect with like-minded people to create a positive impact to our society. On the launch ceremony and open day of the centre, an interesting programme and a series of fun and exciting activities attracted throngs of people to the venue. Besides learning about the vision and mission of the centre, visitors also had a lot of hands-on opportunities. 

Visitors at the Humanistic Youth Centre get to assemble toy cars and make Christmas cards from paper pulp, which is both thoughtful and eco-friendly. These activities are designed by the partners of the Youth Centre.  

Lin Shiyun, 3P Community Lab:  I believe that arts has two strengths. One is to connect people, and one is that it’s a space for reflection, So, therefore, we come together and try to come out with programmes that achieve these two aims.

OneMaker Group, Tee Wei In: Many young people nowadays communicate with each other through mobile phones, which is a virtual reality platform. At a real, physical platform like the Youth Centre, they can connect with each other in person.  

On the launch and open day of the Youth Centre, Tzu Chi volunteers and the centre’s partners set up booths offering games, activities, products, song performances, etc. Visitors had a fun and relaxing afternoon at the venue.

DGM of Tzu Chi Singapore, Boh Shu Hui: We have a programme called “Friends of HYC”, which we hope that these young people can join. We can connect it with Tzu Chi’s available resources, such as our internet resources, and even connect it with those from around the world.   

Visitor, Christina Chai Huay Yee: I feel very comfortable here and find that this is a very novel idea. It allows people to engage in activities comfortably in this environment.

The Youth Centre has a lot of information to guide youths to explore and discover positive life values. To help everyone understand how the centre operates, young docents conduct guided tours there. Young people love this place and their senior family members feel at ease, too.

Chua Eng Hua, Grandfather of Venus Wang: Youths will be influenced by people they associate with. I hope that she can make wholesome friends and learn well in such a good place, so that she can become a good person who can contribute to society.

Venus Wang Qian Ying, Visitor: When I first saw the photos of the Youth Centre, I had a surprise and couldn’t believe that there is such a place in Yishun. It’s very beautiful. The tables have glass, and we can charge our phones. So I recommended it to people. I like this place very much and will come here when I’m free.

The first Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre in the world allows the younger generations to unleash their potential for good and to connect with each other, further enabling them to work for the greater good and to create a sustainable, positive impact on society.

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