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Duration | 1:40

Category | Charity

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Volunteers promote vegetarianism during Lunar New Year

Many programmes that promote vegetarianism were added to this year’s Chinese New Year distribution event. Be it the meaningful lion dance or the challenge to changing one’s mindset, they are all equally thought-provoking. Vegetarianism is no longer an issue of religious belief, but it can be shared from the aspect of animal rights, physical health etc. Once we have realised the purpose of adopting a plant-based diet ourselves, we can join the movement to promote vegetarianism too. 

As the drum and gongs sounded in unison the lion dance performance during CNY never fails to warm up the atmosphere at the scene. Among which, the Cai Qing session signifies abundant grain harvest and prosperity. 

The lions in the lion dance are auspicious beings, anywhere the “herbivores” go, a pandemic would end very soon. Volunteers hope to promote the benefits of vegetarianism through this traditional custom. 

Tzu Chi Volunteer|Leong Weng Chai
“Master Cheng Yen said that we need to promote vegetarianism So I am taking this opportunity to do so through the lion dance performance. Start going vegetarian today is good for all beings as it ends killing. Secondly, it is also good for our health.”  

A non-vegetarian care recipient has pledged to go meatless after being persuaded by volunteers, and he is willing to share his experience. 

Care Recipient|Tan Yew Hock
“Frankly speaking, I seldom eat vegetables It. makes me nauseous. There was once when I sat with my friends downstairs they saw what I ate and asked, “Why do you become a vegetarian suddenly?” I told them nothing happened, I’m doing so because I want to. He rebutted me by saying, “go vegetarian to make up for sins”, which means we go meatless to make up for the wrongdoings committed in the past.  Just let others say what they want to say. I went for health screening, I did X-ray and blood draw for blood test (Doctor said) everything is okay and I have controlled very well. Perhaps party due to adopting a vegetarian diet.” 

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