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Duration | 1:45

Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Local artists show their support through art

Local artists show their support through art With love in our hearts, no one is alone in this battle against COVID-19. Local artists and singers are staging their art to appeal to visitors at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre to show their support to those who are affected by the disease. The world is nowhere near the end in its battle against COVID-19. In Singapore, some artists and singer-songwriters have responded to the call to keep hearts connected by displaying and performing their artwork and music at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre.

 Singaporean artist, Jimmy Ong
There are ten thousand people who have recently died of COVID-19. So we are making this cloth so that everybody can come and sew some buttons to remember other people. Every day at 1.30pm, there is a prayer session here. What your video is trying to educate and teach us is that perhaps (vegetarianism) is a healthier and cleaner life, it is actually more sustainable if we switch to vegetarianism. I attended the session because I find it respectful. I also realize that it is good to incorporate meditation in my daily life.

The sumptuous vegetarian lunch is accompanied by a number of soothing songs. A local singer-songwriter is performing here on every Monday in March to bring calmness to people.

 Singapore local singer-songwriter, Curry Pop
We just want to send some positive energy and kind messages to others. In fact, everyone has their own strength, so they can make use of it to contribute a little.

There are many kind souls in the society, but we have to combine our love to bring about solid changes. Besides doing good on our own, we could influence others to do the same to achieve the goal of purifying hearts.

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