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Duration | 1:46

Category | Humanistic Culture , Env. Protection

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Promoting Vegetarianism through Holding a Parent-Child Cooking Competition

To promote vegetarianism and encourage parent-child interaction, Tzu Chi Singapore Teachers’ Association worked with Jing Si Books and Café to hold a parent-child cooking competition. The challenge was to make vegetarian sushi using Jing Si instant rice and a variety of plant-based ingredients. After watching the cooking demonstration, six groups of parents and children creatively and carefully matched the ingredients to make delicious and appealing sushi, impressing many especially those who tried vegetarian food for the first time.

Watching the cooking demo by the chef, parents and children can’t wait to show off their cooking skills.

Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association worked with Jing Si Books & Café to organise a parent-child cooking competition to promote plant-based diet.

Teh Soo Peng ,HOD of Jing Si Books & Café: Because sometimes people think that going meatless is troublesome and they do not know how to prepare vegetarian food. Through an activity like this, children will find vegetarian food delicious and the adults can go meatless too.

Some were responsible for kneading; some did the decorating. Not only did both adults and children find joy in it, all agreed that the vegetarian sushi tastes delicious.

Tan Tze Wei, Participant: The sushi is completely meatless. This is the first time I see her and her sister enjoying the food so much. I think they do not miss meat at all, so it is very successful. Tan Hwee Qi, Participant: (I like) decorating the sushi and eating it.

Tan Oon Siew, Participant: Going vegetarian is a way to protect the earth. I thought of trying more of it so I could prepare such delicious food with more of these ingredients.

I really wish that everybody can join me in mitigating this harmful impact on the animals and the environment. This handmade vegetarian food was made with the joint effort of family members. This is also a starting point for protecting the earth.

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