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Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi sets up special group to deepen care for renal patients

Singapore has one of the highest rates of kidney failure in the world, with 1 new case every 5 hours. With an aging population coupled with the increasing cases of chronic diseases such as diabetes, the number of people suffering from kidney failure is expected to climb in years to come. 

Chronic renal failure is irreversible.Renal patients must undergo dialysis for life or get a kidney transplant in order to survive. Therefore, learning to control their diet and monitor changes to their body have become the daily routine for every renal patient.  

Care Recipient|Peh Thiam Lye
I’ve been undergoing dialysis for 15 years. If your immunity is poor since the start of it, everything else would be affected later on. Diet control is necessary for dialysis patients. You can’t just eat anything you like. Your body will alarm you. For example, food with high phosphorus will make us feel itchy Walking. is exhausting if your potassium level is too high. If you like this food, just have a little will do.

To promote the right health and hygiene concept and to provide mental support to renal patients throughout the lengthy treatment process, Tzu Chi Singapore has set up a Renal Support Group.  

Social Service Associate|Alex Chen
This online health talk is exclusively customized for our renal care recipients. We hope to let them eat healthily and without any burden during this festive season.

Moving on, our Renal Support Group will be working with the NKF to have a full understanding of the needs of renal patients in order to give them the most suited care. 

In Singapore, a new kidney failure case is reported every 5 hours. Therefore, efforts to promote disease prevention and dialysis healthcare is important and urgent.

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