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Duration | 1:57

Category | Education, Miscellaneous, Spiritual

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Workshop participants reconnect with their inner self through experiential art

Promoting mental wellness is one of the striving directions of Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre (HYC) in 2021. In February, Tzu Chi Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) to provide professional counseling services to the public. HYC is also working with local artists (Hunny & Lummy) to present a multidisciplinary art exhibition from February to June to promote mental health awareness through multimedia and workshops.   

Silver Ribbon (Singapore) has signed an MOU with Tzu Chi Singapore to provide free counselling services to the public at a space in Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre named “TIMEOUT”.

Manager of Humanistic Youth Centre, Lim Choon CHoon: The youth centre is nearby HDB flats, so it is near to the public. It is free, you don’t have to worry about money. We hope to create the awareness that mental illnesses can be treated when help and treatments are provided timely. 

Besides counselling, a 4 month-long multidisciplinary art exhibition is also held at Humanistic Youth Centre. Through audiovisuals, recorded voices and photos, visitors can reflect on themselves through listening to other people’s stories and heighten their own awareness on mental health.

Local artist, Hun Ming Kwang: We are not trained in handling emotions, and often time we don't have the language to put a place into what we are really dealing with and feeling, as result of that, we tend to brush it or find mechanism to suppress it. What we are trying to do is to get people to be aware of that.

Local artist, Hun Ming Kwang: ind a partner from your table. Let’s do it in pair, let’s do pair sharing first.

The artistic creations displayed in the exhibitions came from two young artists. Workshops are also held in conjunction with the exhibition to guide visitors in listening to their inner voices and facing their emotions.

Caregiver Alliance Outreach Manager, Michelle Tan: I realized that it takes courage to be ourselves. I think we need to be compassionate to ourselves too, it will make use happier.

Listen to our inner voices more to maintain a healthy mind and body. Only then would we have the capability to cope with a hectic life.

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