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Warding off an outbreak with prayers of sincere piety

At the beginning of 2019, Master Cheng Yen aspired for everyone to nurture a love for lives, be grateful, and respect one another. She also appealed to all to foster the spirit of harmony, prevent conflicts, and create blessings together. In the face of an epidemic that is spreading quickly, her words are worthy of our vigilance.

The source of the epidemic is an infection caused by eating wild animals, and the characteristic of this new virus that makes it hard to contain is its long incubation period. We are facing an invisible enemy this time, which is also a time that calls for spiritual cultivation.

As we deal with this epidemic outbreak that has affected our daily life, let us be humble and be respectful to others. Let us also practice vigilance, self-discipline, refrain from circulating unconfirmed news and protect ourselves by adhering to the precautionary measures.

The world needs our sincere prayer. By gathering all the love and care from everyone, we can bring calmness and harmony to the society.

The peace and security of our future lies in our thoughts.

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Managing the outbreak

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