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Duration | 3:29

Category | Charity

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Celebrating Deepavali with Tzu Chi's Care Beneficiaries

Lian Bee Ngo Tzu Chi Volunteer : We are having our annual Deepavali Celebration for our beneficiaries today. The idea is to give our Indian care recipients an opportunity to return to Jing Si Hall to feel the joyful ambience of celebrating this festive season with others, because most of them do not get to feel such ambience at home. Of course, we also hope to let them feel the humanistic culture of Tzu Chi here.

Rohini Nakra Lian Bee Ngo’s colleague : I was invited here to do the rangoli for the Deepavali celebration, all the Tzu Chi volunteers help to fill in the colours and was really good to see seven eight volunteers come together and help us out even without us asking for their help.
This design is symbolic of Deepavali, which is a festival where we celebrate the victory of good over evil, so I encourage everyone to practice the victory of good over evil in their everyday life.

Rani Volunteer : My name is Rani, I came here to cook for this Diwali event, feeling very happy, and then the volunteers are very helpful. It’s like family here, the atmosphere is very good, all volunteers are dedicated to do the work for us, so I don't feel it is very difficult.

Ng Hi Nai Tzu Chi Volunteer : We are preparing Indian curry because it suits their appetite. It is a bit challenging because it is very energy consuming to cook this curry, and we need to stir it over low heat.

Care Recipients Sharing about the love from Tzu Chi

Mdm Alagan Tolasi Care Beneficiary : Two months I cannot walk, they come and talk to me and encourage me, auntie, get well, think good, don't think bad, u will feel better, will always come to your house and visit me.

Mrs Humsaveni Care Beneficiary : I also want to thank the volunteers who come to my house every month. They come they sit down they talk to me and my husband, because there are only two of us in the room, even my children has no time for us. But they will come and they will give a listening ear, and listen to our pains, whatever.

Distribution of Festive Gifts for the Care Recipients

We Are a Family Sharing Each Other’s Life Together

Festive Greetings from Everyone here Happy Deepavali

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